ESH Section

  • Did the technician perform their UTake5?

  • Have hazards been identified and mitigated?

  • Is PPE per SOW/JHA being worn (tyvek, gloves, respirator, fall protection, etc.) and in good working condition?

  • Is work area free of slips trips and falls?

  • Are barricades in place with proper signage?

  • Are proper tools available for the task, being used correctly and in good working condition? (ladders, Electrical Cords, Etc.)

  • Are tool carts and work benches neatly originised?

Lockout /Tagout Procedures

  • Is LOTO required?

  • Has LOTO procedures been reviewed with by employees?

  • Are all LOTO isolation points identified?

  • Have the energy dissipation been verified?

  • Have LOTO measures been implemented effectively?

Reliability, Manufacturing and Mechanical Systems

  • Is paper work reviewed and signed by workers before starting the work? (SOW / Daily JHA / LOTO, etc)

  • Do workers understand the job task?

  • Is the work scope described in the work permit consistent with the work being performed in the field?

  • Are work procedures adequate, up to date and allow for safe completion of task?

  • Are EMO's covered with in the work zone?

  • Are spotters being used in congested areas and potential areas of interference been identified and accounted for?

  • Are slip rings being used properly? (Blue & Green)

  • Is 5's being implemented? (before, during and after)

  • Has the information been properly passed down from the morning work permit meeting?

  • Have proper actions been taken to minimize risk to critical tools as shown on the Big Board?

  • Have proper actions been taken to minimize risk to critical tools?


  • Are chemical containers properly labeled?

  • Are storm drains protected from potential work run-off?

  • Is potential waste addressed for proper disposal? (recycling bins, waste bins or DSC)

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