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Rooftop Mechanical Systems

  • Is cooling tower in good operating condition?

  • Is cooling tower basin clean and free of debris?

  • Are catwalks, stairways and handrails free of corrosion and in good condition?

  • Are exhaust fans and vents in good condition and clear of any debris?

  • Is the rooftop surfaces and flashing in good shape and free of debris or storage?

  • Are roof drains clean and free of debris so the roof can drain properly? Is there any signs of pounding?

  • Note any unsafe or at risk conditions with the rooftop mechanical systems or roof surface.

Penthouse Mechanical Wing

  • Are chillers operating properly and chiller logs filled out daily when in use? <br>Note supply and return temperatures for both condenser and chilled water.

  • Check all condenser and chilled water systems for proper operation<br>Motor's, Pumps, VFD's, Plumbing, Insulation etc.

  • Check hot water supply for proper operation.<br>Plumbing, PRV's, Insulation etc

  • Check water treatment equipment for proper operation. Are chemicals labeled and stored properly?

  • is lighting adequate in the penthouse and is the penthouse clean and organized?

  • Note any unsafe or at risk condition with the penthouse mechanical systems.

Air Handler Mechanical Rooms; Note Floors Inspected

  • Are tour logs filled out daily?

  • Are VFD's operating properly?

  • Inspected Filters?<br>

  • Inspected Belts?

  • Are guard in place and do they protect personal from injury?

  • Does the equipment appear to be operating properly with no unusual noise or vibration?

  • Note any unsafe or at risk conditions in the air handler mechanical rooms.

Electrical Closets; Note Floors Inspected.

  • Does the electrical room appear to be good condition, with no unusual noise or vibration?

  • Are panels in good condition?

  • Are the transformers and panels free of obstruction?

  • Note any unsafe or at risk conditions in the electrical closets.

Switchgear, UPS & Genarator

  • Is the switchgear tested on a scheduled basis and are they labeled with the last date tested?

  • Is the UPS system in good operating condition? Check panel for alarms.

  • Is generator being tested on a regular schedule and is the generator free of fluid leaks?

  • Note any unsafe or at risk condition in these areas.

Fire Protection Systems and Controls

  • Fire Panel inspection is current?

  • Fire Sprinkler inspection is current?

  • Fire Pump inspection is current?

  • Fire Extinguisher inspection is current?

  • Note any unsafe or at risk conditions with the fire protection systems.

Other systems and areas

  • Is the domestic water pump operating properly? Plumbing, Insulation, Pump & Motor

  • Are Back Flow Preventers inspected annually?

  • Is the irrigation system operating properly and is the landscaping in good condition?

  • Are parking lots and sidewalks in good condition? Free of slips trips and falls?

  • Are the outdoor lighting systems working properly?

  • Are parts room, storage areas and DTZ occupied areas clean and organized?

  • Note any unsafe or at risk conditions?

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