Gym Checks

Lighting Off

Turn off machines

Air Conditioning Off

Bin's Emptied

TV's Turned Off

Music turned down

Computer Logged out

Fire Door Closed

All Customer's have left

Dry Changing Rooms

Lighting Off

Benches undamaged and clean

Grid and Gutter's Clean

Bin has been emptied

All showers and Taps are off

Area Free Of customers

Dry Toilet's and Disabled toilet

Lighting is off

Emergency Pull Cord

Any Grids are free of dirt

Bins have been emptied/ sanitary bins are not overflowing

All people have left

Sports Hall

Fire Exit's are Secure

Lights Out

Heaters Off

Cupboard Lights are Off

Area Free Of customers

Squash Courts

Lights Off

Fan off

Area Free Of customers

Foyer/Vending Check's

Automatic Doors off

Staircase Lights off

Squash Court Balcony check

Sports Hall Balcony Check

Poolside door locked

Bins Emptied

Lights Off

Area free of customers

Reception Check
Safe Check

Morning Float - £75

Evening Float - £75

Back Float - £200

Petty Cash £20

All Bag's are secured correctly in the safe and the safe is Locked

Building Lighting Off

Window Shut and Blind down

All electrical equipment is unplugged or switched off (iPod's, Batteries)

All Computers off

Automatic Doors are switched off

Evacuation Bag is In Place

AED is Checked

Photocopier switched off

Area Free Of customers

Server Room

Server Running/CCTV

Air Conditioning Working

Equipment is stored safely

Lights off

Area Free Of customers

Staff Room

Electrical equipment is Off

Bins are emptied

Lights off

Area Free Of customers

Plant Room Check's

Audible Alarms

Ezetrol Unit Working

Boiler's on

Filter Pressure is below recommended readings

Air Release and and Make up Valve are off

C02 Dosing System working correctly and Tank is full

HTH Hopper is dosing correctly and is full up to the Injectors with pellets

Roller Shutter Door is closed

Variable speed drive's are at 44 (May be 39 as they ramp down at night)

Door is Locked

Lights off

Poolside Checks

Pool Bottom Checked

Pool Cover on (except Wednesday when the pool Vac is inserted)

Water Level

Pool water clarity

First Aid Room

Pool Safety Equipment

Pool Hall Visual Check

Poolside stores are Locked

Fire door is closed

All doors that access poolside are Locked

Lights off

Changing Village

Cubicles are checked

Lights off

Benched are clean and are undamaged

All Lockers are empty

Bins/Nappy/Sanitary are empty

Floor is clean and presentable for the morning

Grids are clean

Disabled changing rooms are checked

Toilets are checked

All the customers and staff have left

Multi Use Room

Air Conditioning is off

Area Free Of customers

Door is shut

Windows Secured

Lights off


Fire exit is closed

Area Free Of customers

Roller shutter door is down

Door Shut

Lights off

Upstairs Office

Area Free Of customers

Door Shut

Lights off

Locking up the Building

Doors are Closed and Locked

Roller shutter door is down

Lights are fully switched off

External Lighting is working correctly

Lights off

Issue's and Defect's

Any additional comment's

Duty Manager Signiture
Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.