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End to End Inspection

  • Welcome to the HD Park E2E Quality Final Inspection.
    This Inspection has been created to support our E2E Process and provide a platform to gauge our quality and help identify improvements.
    On completion of this Inspection a score is determined,
    On Completion if a score >80% is realized, a follow up inspection will be organized to verify completion of any noted issues.

    Please begin inspection with Audit Preparation and Pre-work Checks.

Audit Preparation and Pre-Work Checks

  • Have you performed a "Take 5" or equivalent risk assessment for this Audit?

  • Stop Work and Complete Risk Assessment

  • Have Wheel Chocks been installed and Machine Isolated in line with E2E Standard Work?

  • Stop Work and Seek Assistance from Leading Hand

  • Have you been provided with Identification ties to mark any quality improvement opportunities discovered?

  • Seek Assistance from Leading Hand

  • If you have answered "Yes" to the above questions please move onto Section 1: Machine Status to continue Audit.

Section 1: Machine Status

  • Please indicate current status of machine at time of audit by selecting responses below.

  • Has Customer Work Scope been fully completed?

  • Have performance tests and pressure checks been completed prior to this Audit?

  • Has the machine been washed prior to this audit?

  • Has all other quality documentation been completed? (excluding departure checklist)

Section 2: Visual Quality Audit

  • While completing this section, please use identification ties provided to mark any quality improvement discovered on the machine.
    For major defects and non compliances please upload photo by clicking the "Image" icon on the applicable criteria.
    For all defects found please describe location, issue and repair required by clicking the "notes" Icon on the applicable criteria.

    There are Two (2) Set responses for defects found "Action" or "Advisory"

    Please Select "Action" where defects requiring an immediate fix (i.e. Loose Bolt LHS, requires Replacement and torque)
    Please Select "Advisory" where a further investigation needs to be taken to determine if defect is present (i.e. Confirm if grease lines purged)

  • To begin adding defects please press "Add Defect" button to the right.

  • Defect
  • Status of Defect

  • Please continue to add defects as discovered until all areas of repair have been audited and assessed.

Section 2a: Operator Cabin Visual inspection

  • Will you be completing a Cabin Inspection as part of this audit?

  • Cabin Door Operation (open/close/seal/window)

  • Seat and Armrest (adjustment/suspension)

  • In Cab Panel Work (cleanliness/Installation)

  • Floor Mat (condition/installation)

  • General Cleanliness

  • Cab Filtration System (Filter Replaced/cleanliness)

  • Information tags installed on steering wheel for follow up work.

  • Fire Panel (installed/in-date)

  • Window Washers (jets clear/tank full)

  • Window Wipers (operation/blades)

  • Mirrors (clean/secure)

  • Cab Glass (intact)

Section 3a: Functional Testing Audit - Non Operational

  • Will you be completing functional testing as part of this Inspection?

  • Please ensure all Isolation locks are removed and you have attached a test tag, please communicate with workers in area you will be energizing the machine for the next stage of your inspection.
    Please revisit JSEA or Take 5 if required.

  • Lighting Controls (operation)

  • Active Service Codes (none present - Check PSR)

  • AM/FM Radio (operation/aerial/speakers)

  • VHF/UHF Radio (operation/aerial/speakers)

  • Camera System (operation)

  • Horn and Warning Alarms (operation)

  • Dash Board Display and Gauges (initialization check/gauge responding)

  • Warning Lights (none present)

Section 3b: Functional Testing Audit - Operational

  • Are you able to conduct Operational Testing on this machine?

  • Please ensure all Isolation locks are removed and you have attached a test tag, please communicate with workers in area you will be energizing the machine for the next stage of your inspection.
    Please revisit JSEA or Take 5 if required.
    Remove wheel Chocks and Designate Spotters for the duration of the next section.

  • Turbo Timer Installed (operation)

  • Cabin Emergency Shutdown(operation)

  • Ground Level Emergency Shutdown(operation)

  • Access System (operation)

  • Heater and A/C Controls (operation)

  • Machine Operates Forwards & Reverse

  • Steering Check Lock to Lock

  • Service Brake Operation

  • Park Brake Operation

  • Hydraulic Implement Controls Operate as Expected

Close Out

  • Thank you for completing this End to End inspection, your responses will be retained to enable detailed analysis and future improvements to our quality.

    Please add any further notes into the section below.
    Please verify this inspection with a sign off.

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