Section 1 - Basic Operations

General Observations:

  • Is the driver in proper uniform?

  • Is the vehicle's interior clean and in good order?

  • Is the vehicle's exterior clean or reasonably clean considering the weather?

  • Does the driver have the right attitude and his/her emotions under control to drive?

Review the Driver's Pre-Trip Inspection Form:

  • Does the driver perform an adequate pre-trip inspection?

  • Is the driver correctly logged into Driver Pro?

  • Were the registration, IFTA, insurance card, lighter permit, extinguisher, triangles, and other items checked?

  • Does the driver correctly mark pass or fail for their inspections checklist?

  • Does the driver correctly scan all the bar codes for the inspection?

  • Camera and accident packet available?

  • DOT annual review sticker/s on units?

  • ERG and FMCSR Handbooks in cab or with driver?

  • How Am I Driving sticker on truck/trailer?

  • Ramp/s inspected for safety items (missing screws, cracked plates, etc...)?

  • Does the truck/trailer have all required locks (side doors, rear door)?

  • Driver is correctly logged into Omnitracs?

  • Driver has manual log book in case of Omnitracs does not work?

  • Does the driver perform an adequate post-trip inspection?

Review the Driver's Manifest:

  • Is the driver delivering their stops in the correct order?

  • Hazardous Materials form signed and placed in door pocket?

  • Is the driver operating on time?

  • Does the driver call in to Transportation if problems arise?

  • Does the driver take the most direct route between stops?

  • Does the store rep correctly sign for the delivery?

  • Does the driver count cigarette cartons with the manager before leaving product?

Section 2 - Delivery

General Driving Skills:

  • Does the driver wear their seatbelt at all times?

  • Is the vehicle driven at appropriate speeds and within limits?

  • Does the driver slow down for corners, bumps, etc., and provide a smooth ride?

  • Are headlights and appropriate signals/flashers used?

  • Does the driver keep adequate space cushions around the vehicle?

  • Does the driver keep both hands on the steering wheel?

  • Is the driver prepared for the unexpected when approaching intersections?

  • Does the driver check his/her mirrors appropriately?

  • Does the driver obey traffic signals, warning signs, etc.?

  • Does the driver get out and look before backing up?

  • Is the driver patient while waiting to park?

  • Did the driver use the "Drive For Five" program?

  • Is the driver looking far enough ahead while driving?

  • Does the driver walk around the truck before leaving the stop?

  • Is the driver wearing their safety vest?

  • Does the driver use the safety cones?

Section 3 - Driving Safety Habits

General Delivery Skills:

  • Does the driver use 3 points of contact while entering and exiting the vehicle?

  • Does the driver stretch before performing any unloading activities for the day?

  • Does the driver stretch between delivery stops?

  • Does the driver follow safe lifting practices during the entire delivery process?

  • a. Lifting with legs not back b. Keeping the product in the power zone while lifting c. Moving his/her feet instead of twisting d. Firm grip on product before lifting

  • Does the driver use load bars and straps between stops?

  • Are the load bars and straps in good mechanical condition?

  • Does the driver scan all cases/totes per policy?

  • Does the driver pick up all returns and empty totes?

  • Does the driver use all ramps and platforms correctly?

  • Does the driver lock the cab doors when away from the truck?

  • Does the driver lock the rear and side doors?

  • Does the driver interact well with the customers?

  • Does the driver promptly move onto the next stop when finished?

  • How is the driver's pace?

Overall Observations & Comments

  • General Observations and Improvement Goals:

  • Add drawing

  • Evaluating Supervisor/Trainer Signature:

  • Date:

  • By signing below, I verify that I have had the opportunity to discuss this Safety Ride with the Supervisor/Trainer who evaluated me today.

  • Driver's Signature:

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