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Outdoor Look

  • The front area and surrounding is tidy and well kept?

  • AC compressors are in good visual condition?

  • Firefighting room is locked and tidy on the inside?

  • Water pressure pumps operational (water & fire)?

  • External paint in good condition?

Reception & Waiting Area

  • PBX Phone is operational and password protected?

  • Is the list of extensions displayed?

  • PC is password protected?

  • Are social networking sites blocked?

  • Electrical covers and fittings are secure?

  • Token dispenser is functioning properly?

  • The way of interaction and information given to customers are adequate?

  • Applicants documents are checked properly?

  • Does the security guard maintain a logbook?

  • Are the waiting seats arranged properly?

  • In case of crowd, is it managed properly?

  • Fire extinguishers are maintained?

Site Manager / Supervisor

  • Filing cabinet is neat and files are properly arranged?

  • EC Directory files are stored in assigned directory and a shortcut is available on desktop?

  • Furniture are clean and tidy?

  • PC is password protected?

  • Is there a shared folder with Supervisor/Reception with properly defined access rights?

  • Attendance reporting system operational and password protected?

  • QS system operational and password protected?

  • Operator names are defined on QS?

  • CCTV system operational and password protected?

  • Operators annual leave schedule is kept by the manager/supervisor and updated?

  • Internet access is restricted?

  • Zoho is accessible? Leave system is functioning properly?

  • Breaks are scheduled?

  • Is there enough management/supervisory presence on the ground?

  • Issues / Input / Feedback from Supervisor/Manager?

Operators Cubicles

  • Workstations including backdrop are set up correctly?

  • Camera to backdrop distance is 1.8 - 2.0 meter?

  • Workstation accessories are in good condition? (keyboard, monitor, pimped, keypad, MSO)?

  • QS components are functional? (Caller device, Counter display)

  • Phone is functional and extensions list is available?

  • Operators are registered for bio log-in?

  • Operators understand the criticality and importance of strictly using own user account?

  • Operators wear badges and are well groomed?

  • Satisfactory cleanliness (bins, windows, curtains, desk...)?

Server Room

  • Server door locked?

  • Acceptable cold temperature?

  • Cables are properly arranged?

  • UPS batteries are charging and UPS is functional?

  • QS system server is password protected?

  • QS recording retrieval is possible (2 weeks old)?

  • Server log book is in use?

  • Fire extinguishers are maintained?

Electrical Room

  • No external hardware are connected to switches?

  • Breakers are in good condition?


  • Area is clean and insect free?

  • Furniture and equipments are in good condition?


  • Floor is clean?

  • Air freshness are in place?

  • Lights and fans are functioning?

  • Doors / Soap Dispensers / Taps / Hoses functioning properly?

  • Garbage bins are available and emptied regularly?


  • Items are stored in an organized way?

  • The quantities available are reasonable considering the site consumption?

  • Inventory quantities are being tracked?

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