ITEM 15 Books and Pictures

At least 25 books for group of 20 children

3-4 Fantasy (pretend storied about people and animals)

3-4 Factual Information (books w/pictures of real animals , facts about real life of animals and plants..etc..)

3-4 Nature and science (such as how five senses work, the human body, houses of different animals,etc)

3-4 Different races and cultures (historical and contemporary stories about people from different races and cultures or books in other languages)

3-4 Different abilities (individuals with disabilities and how they might use aids such as eyeglasses, a hearing aid, a wheelchair or crutches, etc)

3-4 Related to current activities or themes of classroom


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19 Fine Motor

3 Types of small building toys (interlocking blocks,Lincoln Logs,bristle blocks, Tinker Toys, magnetic blocks, etc..)

3 Art materials ( see examples in Item 20)

3 Types of manipulatives (beads/strings, lacing cards/strings, pegs/pegboards, gears, snap blocks, links, nuts/bolts, etc,)

3 Puzzles


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20 Art - 3-5 Items from at least 4 of 5 categories

Drawing Materials (required category)(crayons, markers, pencils, various types of paper, chalkboards, etc..)

Paint materials (finger paints, tempera, water colors, paper, brushes)

3-Dimensional materials (playdough, clay, wood for gluing or carpentry, pipe cleaners,etc..)

Collage Materials ( paste or glue, various types of paper, felt, magazine pictures, cotton balls, sequins, feathers, etc..)

Tools (scissors, staplers, hole punches, tape, playdough, cutters/tools, stencils, sponges for paintings, etc..)


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21 Music/Movement

Enough instruments for 1/2 of children to use at once

Music for children to listen to (that they can operate independently)

Dance props

Various types of music used with children ( classical, popular, children's songs, jazz, rock, rhythm &blues, folk songs, lullabies, songs in different languages, music characteristic of different cultures, country, etc..)


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** Small blocks or any type of interlocking blocks are included in Item 19 Fine Motor and are not counted for this item

2 types of blocks (examples: unit, hollow, homemade, cardboard)

Accessories (car, trucks,signs, animals, etc..)


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23 Sand//Water

** For a score of 5, sand and water required either indoors or outdoors. For score of 6, both required both indoors and outdoors

Sand (or substitute) indoors and outdoors

Water indoors and out

Accessories (containers, funnels, molds, shovels, scoops, rakes, sifters, animals, boats, etc..)


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24 Dramatic Play

Enough for 3 or more children to use materials at same time

Dress up clothes (must include some gender specific items; hats,shoes, purses, ties, etc. are included)

Materials for at least 2 different themes (themes categories: housekeeping, fantasy, leisure, different kinds of work)


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25 Nature/Science

3-5 Items from at least 3 of 4 categories

Collections of natural objects (leaves, shells, rocks, pinecones, different types of wood, bird's nest, etc.)

Living things (plants, pets, bird feeder, aquarium, ant farm w/living ants, butterfly hatching kit, eggs that hatch, etc..)

Nature/science books, games, or toys (magnets w/objects to experiment with, magnifying glasses w/things to look at, sink/float activity w/objects to experiment, shaking cans filled w/different substances to match/compare sounds, etc..)

Nature/science activities (books, w/realistic pictures and facts; games w/nature theme, nature picture matching or sequence cards,body parts matching games; realistic toy animals , etc)


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26 Math/Number

3-5 for counting (teddy bears or other small objects, money,pegs/pegboards,beads, puzzles/games, etc..)

3-5 for measuring (measuring cups/spoons, balance scale w/things to weigh, rulers, tape measures w/things to measure, thermometer, height chart, etc..)

3-5 for comparing quantities (toys/games to figure out "more and less", cubes that stack to various heights, nested cups, graduated cylinders, chart and graph activities, dominoes abacus, etc..)

3-5 for recognizing shapes ( puzzles, geoboards, attribute blocks, magnetic shapes, unit blocks, etc..)

3-5 for recognizing written numbers ( puzzles,magnetic, telephones, clocks, books, posters, cash register, etc..)


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28 Promoting Acceptance of Diversity

Many books, many pictures, and many materials from all categories ( AT LEAST 3-5) that show diversity in a positive way: (pictures, books, puzzles, games, dolls, play people, puppets, music, dramatic play props, etc.)


Cultures--Traditions of different groups such as holidays, foods, clothes; how different group live and do things; books in other languages

Ages-- Children, parents, grandparents

Abilities-- Individuals with disabilities and how they might use aids such as eyeglasses, a hearing aid, a wheelchair or crutches

Gender in non-stereotyping roles-- Men and women shown doing different types of work including traditional and non-traditional roles


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