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EC/EO Training

  • Emergency Coordinators (EC) and Emergency Officers (EO) instructed on the importance of role specific requirements including clear identification of the EC/EO roles and other staff (e.g., Health Security).

  • Refreshed knowledge of R.A.C.E.

  • ECs/EOs introduced to the external surrounding of the Fire Indicator Panel (FIP) / Early Warning and Intercommunication System (EWIS) panel and Emergency Response Stations (ERS), e.g., Zone Block Plan and Emergency Response Cards / Procedures, etc.

  • ECs/EOs understand the importance of wearing EC/EO vests.

  • ECs/EOs can demonstrate how to facilitate a Warden Intercommunication Point (WIP) calls from and to a specific zone.

  • ECs/EOs are aware of alternative means of communication (e.g. PA, DECT, mobile phone and "Runner")

  • ECs/EOs understand the importance of relaying information in both directions (EC <-> EO).

  • ECs/EOs are competent in filling out the “Code Red” report and recording all required information. (This can be used as Evacuation Practice record !)

  • ECs/EOs can use and operate fire extinguishers using P.A.S.S. system.

  • EC Training Specifics
  • ECs instructed on accessing the FIP/EWIS panel with 003 key.

  • ECs instructed on variance of alarm, fault and isolate lights on FIP and EWIS.

  • ECs are able to define zone and location of alarm activation using FIP, EWIS and zone block plan.

  • ECs understand the importance of referencing alarm light, LCD location and floor plan location for correct location of alarm/s.

  • ECs can demonstrate how to facilitate a brief & concise Public Address (PA) to the facility using the PA System.

  • ECs understand the importance of ensuring the system is immediately set back to “auto” mode in a timely manner.

  • EC understand the process for handing over to QFES officer in charge, upon arrival.

  • FLAIM - Fire Extinguisher Training
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