Provide Yes or No answers to the following. Provide multiple feedback where you have conversed with more then one educator.

  • Explain the service procedure you use when preparing breakfast or afternoon tea? (Look for sanitising and hand washing procedures, storing food and once food is prepared where is it stored until eaten)

  • Where is your first aid kit kept?

  • In the case of an evacuation, where do you assemble?

  • What is your duty in a Lock Down situation?

  • Where does the service keep a copy of the Policy and Procedures?

  • Can you tell me what NQS and NQF are?

  • Do you know what a QIP is and have you had any input into it?

  • What is the process if a parent approaches you to administer some medication during their child's care session.

  • If a child is injured whilst in your care, what do you do and what paperwork do you need to complete?

  • Who do you notify if you receive a complaint from a family regarding the safety of a child in your service?

  • Where would you find information on dealing with a snake at your service?

  • Do you know what the five outcomes of the My Time Our Place Framework? - Children have strong sense of identity; Children are connected with and contribute to their world; Children have a strong sense of wellbeing; Children are confident and involved learners; Children are effective communicators.

  • What is the ratio of child to educator on an activity that is run at a park next to the school?

  • What do you do if a child discloses and incident where they may have been abused or put at risk by an adult or peer?

  • Do you know what the term Pedagogy means?

  • What does it cost or care at your service for BSC?

  • Do you know the name of your operations officer?

  • When can you serve fried rice at your service if you don't have a licensed kitchen?

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