AT exam


  • Welcomes client using their name (2 marks)

  • Team Members is well prepared for the session (ipad loaded, read MCF notes etc.)

  • Asks the client how they are feeling? (energy levels etc.)

  • Discusses clients current training and refers to the clients previous session

  • Demonstrates knowledge of the client's history and goals

  • Gives one specific and measurable goal of the session (RPE, TUL, TQ, intensity)

  • Outlines the expectation of the session (duration, fast paced, flow, machine order etc.)

  • Clarifies if there are any questions before starting the session


  • Machine:

  • Correct Set Up (MIPS)

  • Cueing, Correcting and Feedback

  • Intensity

  • Time and Weight for next session recorded correctly


  • Completed machine set up and minimal rest between machines (30-40 sec)

  • Used RPE (0-10) scale to gain feedback throughout session

  • Used intensification methods appropriately (iso hold/SS/assisted reps etc)

  • Additional coaching/encouragement for clients to push themselves to muscle fatigue

  • Appropriate exercises chosen for client's goal (programming, exercise order etc)

  • Uses client's name at least 3 times during session

  • Team member actively listened throughout the session

  • Builds rapport throughout the session via active listening and asking non clinical questions

  • Encourages natural breathing pattern

  • Discusses isolation

  • Demonstrates clinical knowledge by educating client on relevant training principals

  • Client trained with towel

  • Instructor has appropriate/positive body language throughout session


  • Ask's the cient how they are feeling post session

  • Educated client around post exercise behaviours and recovery (DOMs, food, water, sleep etc)

  • Discusses if goals of session were met and gave feedback

  • Discusses goals/progression for next session (ROM, load, machines etc)

  • Ensure client is booked in for their next session

  • Farewells client and uses name

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