• Does the School have any current concerns with H&S?

  • What is the issue?

  • Issue

Health and Safety requirements

  • Does the School have access to H&S information in the resources area of BSN?

  • Has the Health and Safety Policy been reviewed by the Governors in the last twelve months?

  • Does the School have risk assessments in place for general risks?

  • Do they follow the LBB RA5 models?

  • Have they been reviewed in the last 12 months?

  • Are the school reporting incidents via MyView?

  • Are they responding to requests for follow up information?

  • Have incidents been reported to the HSE when required?

  • Has the school had a Fire Risk Assessment in the last 12 months?

  • Have any recommendations been progressed?

  • Is the fire safety manual being kept up to date?

  • Has there been a fire drill in the last term?

Display Screen Equipment

  • Has a general risk assessment on DSE been carried out?

  • Have "users" been identified?

  • Have workstation assessments been carried out on all DSE workstations?

  • Have any actions been completed relating to:

  • Equipment?

  • Software?

  • Furniture?

  • Environment?

  • Are breaks/changes of activity given as necessary?

  • Are eye tests offered to users or new users prior to use?

Electrical inspection

  • Has your 5 yearly inspection of your premises taken place?

  • Are Portable Appliances subject to regular (PAT) testing?

Gas safety

  • Is the Gas appliance/installation being maintained in a safe condition?

  • Is the contractor an approved contractor registered with Gas Safe?


  • Does the School have an approved contractor to carry out six monthly water monitoring?

  • Were any remedial works necessary?

  • Has the premises manager/site manager had training in Legionella management?

  • Are water temperature checks carried out monthly?

  • Does the School have calibrated temperature probes to carry out the monthly checks?


  • has the school had any asbestos related works carried out?

Events and lettings

  • Is the model contract used for outside lettings?

  • Have room capacities for events been calculated?

Emergency planning

  • Has the school prepared a critical incident plan to assist in coping with an emergency?

First Aid arrangements

  • Is there a First Aid needs assessment in place?

  • is there a sufficient number of FAW First Aiders trained?

  • Are there sufficient staff trained in Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW)

  • Are there sufficient staff trained in paediatric First Aid?

  • Are adequate numbers of First Aid boxes provided in the school?

  • Have high risk areas been identified where a First Aid box must be located (e.g. Design and Technology, Science, Sports and PE etc)

  • Did the sample First Aid box(es) have the correct contents?

  • Is there a member of staff responsible for ensuring that First Aid boxes are stocked and marked?

  • Is there a procedure in place to cover First Aid during outdoor trips, visits etc?

Medicines management

  • Section 100 of the Children and Families Act 2014 places a duty on schools to make arrangements for supporting pupils at their school with medical conditions.

  • Are you aware of the 'Supporting Pupils at School with Medical Conditions- December 2015' guidance document?

  • Supporting Pupils at School with Medical Conditions - December 2015

  • Are you aware of the 'Statutory framework for the early years foundation stage 3 April 2017' guidance

  • Statutory framework for the early years foundation stage 3 April 2017


  • Does the school have any ponds?

  • Has an RA following the LBB model been completed?

  • Are control measures in place?


  • Has a site specific risk assessment been carried out for transport on premises?

  • Did pedestrians and vehicles appear to be segregated?

  • Does road layout allow the avoiding of reversing by vehicles?

  • Are gates being locked/unlocked as they should be?

  • Do safety signs comply with The Traffic Signs Regs & General Directions 2016?

  • Is necessary signage visible and in good condition?

  • Are pedestrian routes clearly marked?

  • Are crossing points provided and used?

Manual handling

  • Has the model RA for manual handling been completed?

  • Does this cover all operations necessary?

  • Have any other supplementary assessments been carried out for manual handling?

  • Has appropriate training in manual handling been given to those staff involved?

  • Are all mechanical aids well maintained?

  • Is there any manual handling of people?

  • Has training in handling people been given to those staff involved?


  • Does the school having any lifts/lifting equipment?

  • Are these subject to regular thorough examinations?

Work at height

  • Has a site specific risk assessment been carried out for working at height?

  • Has training been given to appropriate staff to ensure competency?

  • Is appropriate equipment in use?

  • Is the equipment in good condition?

  • Is equipment used for work at height subject to six-monthly recorded inspections?

Solar Panels

  • Does the school have solar panels?

  • Are maintenance and visual checks being done by a competent person?

  • Is infra-red testing on the wiring and PV panels taking place?

  • Is the direct current (DC) isolation switch located on the ground floor to assist in firefighting operations and not on the roof?

  • Are visual checks carried out after high winds and storms to ensure the panels are not displaced?

Other Services

  • Do you use CLEAPSS?

  • Who in the school has access to CLEAPSS?

  • Who in the school acts as the Educational Visit Co-ordinators (EVOLVE)?

  • Work/life balance is important to all staff. Do staff have access to an Employee Assistance Programme?

Staff knowledge

H&S requirements

  • Is the staff member appropriately informed about Health & Safety matters in school?

  • Are staff aware of incident reporting procedures at the school?

  • Have staff had asbestos awareness training?

  • Are staff aware of how to report problems with asbestos?

  • Have staff had fire awareness training?

  • Has there been a fire drill in the previous term?


  • Has the staff member completed a DSE workstation assessment?

  • Has the staff member been offered an eye test?

First Aid

  • Does the staff member know how to summon a First Aider?

Manual handling

  • Has the staff member received appropriate manual handling training?

Work at height

  • Has the staff member received appropriate work at height training?


  • Are staff free of other H&S concerns?

Progress on previous audit

  • Were there any actions to be completed from the last audit?

  • Action:

  • Action

Comments/ Summary

  • General:

  • Item:

  • Item
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