General Site Audit

Fire Protection

Fire Protection Requirements in Place

Emergency action plan being performed.

Emergency numbers available.

Extinguishers present.

Placed every 100ft.

Proper extinguishing agent present.

Proper size.

Emergency exits present, marked, and cleared.

Flammable materials present.

Properly labeled.

Properly stored.

General Site Requirements

Drinking Water


First Aid Kit

Proper Signage

Toilet Facilities


Housekeeping required

Work area neat, debris picked up and free of trip hazards.

Waste containers provided and used.

Passageways and walkways clear.

Cords and leads of floor.

Nails and screws removed or bent over.

Personal Protective Equipment

PPE in use

Eye protection

Hard hats

Hearing protection

High visibility vest or clothing


Chemical/Material Hazards

Chemical/Material Hazards Present

Non-routine job briefing performed.

Training for hazard performed.

Proper PPE provided.

Adequate ventilation provided.

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Work Audit


Electrical Components Present

Cords and plugs inspected.

Grounding/GFCI/GFI present and used.

Proper lighting present.

Proper outlets and receptacles present.

Terminal boxes accessible and covered.

Hand and Portable Tools

Hand and Portable Tools in Use

Electrical grounding and guarding protection in place.

Guards in place and working.

Inspected before use.

Power cutoff device working.


Ladders Being Used

Being used as intended.

Being used at proper height.

Extension ladders 3ft above landing and 1/4 from building.


Properly labeled.

Proper placement. (Base/footing)

Welding Equipment

Welding Equipment in Use

Cylinders or equipment properly secured.

Extinguisher or adequate extinguishing agent present.

Inspected before use.

Proper PPE in use.

Properly stored.

Site Specfic Audit

Confined Space

Is Work in Confined Space Being Performed

Attendant and entrant required.

Emergency action plan briefing performed.

All workers trained and brief.

Is this a permit required confined space.

Air monitoring performed.

All workers have proper PPE.

All isolation including Lock out/Tag out is in place.

Competent person present.

Permit completed and present.

Ventilation present and operating.

Cranes & Hoist

Cranes or Hoist in Use

Emergency action plan briefing performed.

Briefing of operation to all involved performed.

Crane Lift Procedure form completed.

Current inspection of equipment.

Lift analysis and plan performed.

Operator familiar with load and material.

Outrigger and swing barriers in place.

Review of signaling performed.

Rigging equipment (chains, slings, wire ropes) inspected and labeled

Excavation or Trench

Excavation or Trench Work Being Performed

Emergency action plan briefing performed.

All workers trained and brief.

Competent person present.

Access and exit in place. (25ft apart, 3ft above edge.)

Air monitoring performed.

Only essential equipment present.

Proper guarding and protection in place.

Spill pile adequately placed. (Minimum 2ft from edge)

Fall Protection

Fall Protection in Use

Emergency action plan briefing performed.

Appropriate PPE in use.

Current inspection.

Current training.

Elevator shafts properly guarded.

Floor holes and openings properly covered or guarded.

Lower level protection provided.

Railings within OSHA standards.

Ramps and walkways properly railed and guarded.

Stairways are properly constructed, railed, and guarded.


Scaffolding in Use

Meets OSHA requirements

Planks and platforms in place and properly spaced.

Proper access to platforms.

Proper base and footings.

Railings and toe boards in place.

Tied into building.

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.