Effluent tank and interceptors

  • Is the area free from nuisance aromas near the effluent plant and interceptors, is the main bund yard drain free from debris and spills

Waste area/skips, dolavs, baler and compactor

  • Is the compactor free from oil leaks, is the yard is clean, are the skips free from leaks and in good condition

Fat tank

  • Is the tank free from spills, bunds in place and signage in place for controls

Chemical stores

  • Is the COSHH stores locked, have no leaks, spill kits are in place and bunds are not leaking

Engineers workshop

  • Does the oil tank have bunds, are chemicals stored correctly, are containers marked with contents

Waste oil tanks haulage yard

  • Are the bunds secure and free from leaks, is there a spill kit close by

Diesel tanks and pumps

  • Is the area free from fuel spills, are spill kits in place

Lorry wash

  • Is vehicle washing taking place in the wash bays, are spill kits in place, is the area free from runoff and clean from debris

Plant room uncured

  • Are oil and chemicals containers free from leaks, are drains and gullies clear, are spill kits in place

Main building plant room

  • Are oil and chemicals containers free from leaks, are drains and gullies clear, are spill kits in place

DSEAR Plant Room

  • Is the area free from leaks and bunded and signs in place?

Dolav wash

  • Is the area free from debris, and tidy, is the area free from odour or leaks

Sub station

  • Is the transformers free from oil leaks

CAT 3 waste skip

  • Is the cover on the trailer, is the area free from food waste or spills, is the container in good condition

Bulk gas storage

  • Are the tanks free from leaks, are the cages are secure

Evaporators condensers

  • Are the condensers free from leaks, odours are normal

Water tanks

  • Are the water tanks free from leaks, bunds are secure and not leaking

A30 outfall - Penstock valve

  • Is the area free from contamination and waste, is the valve secure

Drains and gullies

  • Are the drains painted, are they free from debris or run off, are spill kits in place

Car park

  • Is the area free from oil or chemical contamination, free from debris and loud noises.

Perimeter fence

  • Is the area free from oil and chemical contamination and debris, is the area free from noise nuisance

Fire Hydrant - Main Car Park

  • The fire Hydrant is not obstructed and there is no visual issues.

External Housekeeping

  • Combustible materials must not be stored within 10m of the building (this includes plastic trays and wooden pallets) and 2m from external perimeter to prevent arson. Is the site building free from combustible material?

Smoking shelter

  • There is no smoking within any part of the buildings or around site. The smoking area is to have no combustible materials present in the area. The smoking shelter is the only designated area. The shelter has one metal bin and a portable fire extinguisher within the area, this is located in the security hut adjacent to the smoking shelter. Is this correct and is the area tidy?

Gas Cylinders around site

  • Where gas cylinders are required, these must be identified, kept separately and appropriately stored within a locked cage away from the building. Full and empty bottles must be kept separately and stocks reduced to the minimum levels. Are processes in place on site?

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