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Key Contact

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Business Administration

Are you a member of either your home state or national Glass & Glazing Association?

Are you AS1288 (Australian Standard for Selection and Installation of Glass in Buildings) accredited?

Are you an accredited contractor for any organisation? List

Which Glass manufacturers currently supply your business?

Management Staff

If other, please specify which company.

Administration Staff

Glazing Staff

How do you communicate with the Glaziers when they are in the field at a job site?

Are your Glazing staff in a company branded uniform?

Are your glazing vehicles company sign written?

Photo of Company vehicle

Notes for Consideration

Business Profile

Repair Classes

What type of Glazing repairs do you provide

Services offered:

What warranty do you provide your customers on completed works?

Does your business provide. 24/7 Emergency Response service?

If Yes, Is the Emergency Response call managed by a Manager?

If No, who is responsible for taking the call and defining the prioritisation of response; I.e. An immediate dispatch and attendance versus attendance next day?

Is your business a service provider of glass services to any other National Glaziers? If Yes, please list.

Is there an O'Briens Glass business in your local area?

Is any existing contract or service arrangement, inclusive of work for Express Glass greater exceeding 20% of your gross annual turnover? Please outline.

Do you have a charge out price matrix for your services?

Business Service Model

What geographic range are you currently servicing from office to job site?

Does your business have quality controls in place for glazing?

Does your business have a Work Place Safety Management plan?

Are you a member of your local Glass & Glazing Association?

How does your business keep up to date with changes in regulations and/or standards?

Assessment Summary

Assessment rating?

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