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  • Definition-
    High: High risk/priority which requires Immediate Action to solve the issue.
    Moderate: Moderate risk/priority which requires a planned approach to solve the issue.
    Safe: Safe and maintain the good practices.
    None: Not Applicable or Not Available during the inspection.

    Phase 1- The corrective action for the non-compliance should be accomplished as high priority. The overall compliance of Phase 1 will be measured during the year-end performance review for Year 2019.


  • 1.1 Is the air compressor area well ventilated and away of combustibles storage?

  • 1.2 Is the air compressor in good working condition (i.e. oil level, safety valve, motor guarded, water drained, etc.)?

  • 1.3 Is the weekly inspection to the air compressor being carried out correctly and according to schedule?

  • 1.4 Is the forklift in good working condition (i.e. tyre, lamp, horn, chain, fork, reverse buzzer, signal light, seat, etc.)?

  • 1.5 Is daily inspection for the forklift carried out and inspection records available?

  • 1.6 Are the equipment (i.e. air compressor, mobile column lift, goods lift, overhead crane) possess valid PMA/PMT license and PMA/PMT number displayed clearly at the equipment ?

  • 1.7 Are the electrical panel & electrical room closed from unauthorized access and the clearance maintained?

  • 1.8 Are all the electrical appliances safe and free of frayed cable, broken socket & plugs?

  • 1.9 Is the gas cylinder in safe and good condition (flash back arrestor, pressure gauge, air hose, chained, trolley)?

  • Updates (Corrective Action)

  • Photo (Corrective Action)

  • Comment (* filled up by EHS upon the review of report)


  • 2.1 Does the staff stand/walk away from moving vehicle?

  • 2.2 Does the mechanic apply safety lock when lifting up the cabin?

  • 2.3 Does the mechanic apply wheel stoppers when carrying service for truck?

  • 2.4 Does the mechanic lift the heavy parts (tyres, etc.) with correct posture?

  • 2.5 Does the mechanic apply safety pole when the tipper is lifted up?

  • 2.6 Does the vehicle lifted up by floor jack supported securely with jack stand?

  • 2.7 Does the mechanic dismantle the propeller shaft/engine/transmission parts in the correct method (well supported, sufficient manpower, etc.)?

  • 2.8 Is the truck chassis free of tools when mechanic working underneath the truck?

  • 2.9 Does the mechanic use the platform when climbing up and down the truck?

  • 2.10 Are the open flame activities isolated from combustibles and flammables?

  • 2.11 Are the staff driving/testing trucks with valid driving license?

  • 2.12 Is the spray booth free of combustible chemical storage? (For MRC only)

  • Updates (Corrective Action)

  • Photo (Corrective Action)

  • Comment (* filled up by EHS upon the review of report)


  • 3.1 Is the scheduled waste store designed according to DOE requirement (i.e. spill containment, protected from weather, clean, signboard and warning sign, isolated from ignition source, etc.)?

  • 3.2 Are the waste labels displayed correctly (i.e. display on container, generation date, waste code, symbol, etc.)?

  • 3.3 Are the waste containers suitable and covered when not in use?

  • 3.4 Are the spent engine oil, used oil filters, used vehicle battery, used thinner/solvent, waste of inks/paints, contaminated containers, cotton rags being managed as scheduled waste and separated accordingly?

  • 3.5 Are the inventory records and consignment notes updated and printed out from eSWIS system?

  • 3.6 Is the oil interceptor constructed to filter all the oil contaminated water discharged from workshop?

  • 3.7 Is the oil interceptor well maintained and the maintenance record documented?

  • 3.8 Are the drain and workshop compound clean and free of stagnant water?

  • 3.9 Is the lighting sufficient at all the places?

  • Updates (Corrective Action)

  • Photo (Corrective Action)

  • Comment (* filled up by EHS upon the review of report)


  • 4.1 Is the provision of fire extinguisher sufficient and ready for use?

  • 4.2 Are all the fire extinguishers visible, accessible and free from obstacles?

  • 4.3 Is the fire extinguisher inspected according to schedule (quarterly) and inspection tag available at fire extinguisher?

  • 4.4 Are the first aid supplies sufficient, clean and free of edible medicine?

  • 4.5 Is the first aid inspection record available?

  • 4.6 Is the security personnel briefed on the emergency procedure (emergency contact, fire extinguisher, fire alarm system, etc.)?

  • 4.7 Is the smoking area available, provided with ashtray and away from non-smoker?

  • Updates (Corrective Action)

  • Photo (Corrective Action)

  • Comment (* filled up by EHS upon the review of report)


  • 5.1 Is the appropriate foot protection (safety shoes or rubber boots) provided and worn by the workers (mechanic, and cleaner) at all time in the workplace?

  • 5.2 Is the safety glass provided and worn during grinding, drilling, knocking, cutting, preparing or other hazardous activities?

  • 5.3 Is the safety goggle provided and worn when handling the chemicals (battery acid, etc.)?

  • 5.4 Is appropriate hand protection glove provided and worn for mechanical work or task exposed to sharp edges?

  • 5.5 Is the chemical hand glove provided and worn when handling the chemicals (paint, solvent, battery acid, etc.)?

  • 5.6 Is the appropriate respirator (OV or N95 mask) provided and worn when exposed to dust particles and chemicals vapor (paint & thinner)?

  • 5.7 Are welding shield, leather glove and N95 mask provided and worn for welding activity?

  • 5.8 Is the earplug provided and worn when worker exposed to noise (i.e. grinding, knocking, etc.)?

  • 5.9 Is the surgical mask provided and ready for sick person?

  • 5.10 Are all the provided PPE clean and well maintained (i.e. sharing of PPE is not allowed)?

  • Updates (Corrective Action)

  • Photo (Corrective Action)

  • Comment (* filled up by EHS upon the review of report)


  • 6.1 Is the weekly tool-box briefing conducted and briefing records kept in good manner?

  • 6.2 Is the safety briefing conducted to discuss EHS policy, emergency response procedure, driving safety, chemical handling, safety alert and safe work instruction?

  • 6.3 Are the EHS workplace committee and relevant documents available and updated (committee chart, inspection records, meeting minutes) ?

  • 6.4 Is the updated EHS policy displayed clearly?

  • 6.5 .Are the incident notification records (JKKP 6, 7 & 8) and incident investigation report available and kept in proper manner?

  • 6.6 Is the JKKP log book available?

  • Updates (Corrective Action)

  • Photo (Corrective Action)

  • Comment (* filled up by EHS upon the review of report)


  • Is there any other non-conformance observed?

  • undefined

  • Photo (Non-conformance)

  • Updates (Corrective Action)

  • Photo (Corrective Action)

  • Comment (* filled up by EHS upon the review of repot)


Conclusion/ Recommendation

  • Compliance (%)

  • Very poor EHS MS implementation. Immediate action is required to avoid the disciplinary action taken by the authority.

  • Poor EHS MS implementation. Need to work harder on legal compliance first before move to next level requirements.

  • Moderate EHS MS implementation. A lot of corrective action required.

  • Good EHS MS implementation. Several corrective action required.

  • Excellent EHS MS implementation. Few corrective action required and ready for EHS MS level enhancement.

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