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  • Building or Facility is free from debris and litter.

  • Refuse is picked-up at frequent intervals. There is no absence of excess refuse.

  • Trash chute doors operate freely mad positively latch on their own.

  • Wall sections and doors have less than 20% of surfaces covered with flammable materials.

Fire Protection Equipment

  • Fire are located off of the floor in a designated a marked area and are unobstructed.

  • Smoke and/or Heat detectors are undamaged and are absent of paint, debris, and hanging items

  • Sprinkler heads are undamaged and are free of paint, debris and hanging items.

  • Sprinkler heads have at least 16" of clearance between obstructions and 24" from the ceiling.

  • Fire alarm panel is locked.

  • Fire pump has a current inspection tag. List the date.

  • Sprinkler system riser has current inspection tag. List the date.

  • Sprinkler system riser has hydrostatic test data located on a placard near the riser.

  • Fire alarm signaling components are in working order

  • Fire Department Connections (FDC's) are unobstructed and easily accessible.

  • Sprinkler system risers are unobstructed and easily accessible.

  • Post Indicator Valves (PIV's) are locked and in the open position.

General Fire Safety

  • Heating equipment has at least 36" clearance between the equipment and any stored items

  • Gasoline, kerosine or propane are not stored inside the structure.

  • Corrosive or flammable chemicals are located in approved containers or cabinets.

  • Gas cylinders are anchored or secured.

  • Ceiling tiles are present and unbroken.

  • Ceilings are free from debris and hanging items.

  • Penetrations in the fire walls are sealed with fire caulk or other approved means.

  • Dryer vents are free from debris and lint.

Exit Ways and Doors

  • Corridors, stairways and stairwells are free from obstruction and storage.

  • Exit signs are lit.

  • Fire doors close completely and latch positively on their own.

  • Doors are not propped open at unattended offices or rooms.

  • Exit doors can be opened without special knowledge, effort, key or unapproved device.

  • Exits are unobstructed and the width if the doors is maintained along and throughout the path of egress.

  • Clear space of at least 10' is maintained outside of exit doors.

Exit Signs and Lighting

  • Exit signs are visible.

  • Exit signs are not damaged and in working order.

  • Doors that could be confused as an exit are marked "Not an exit".

  • Lighting fixtures are in good working order and there is adequate lighting to find the way out of public areas.


  • Electrical service equipment has at least 36" of clearance between equipment and any stored items.

  • Extension cords are not being used unless for temporary use.

  • Unapproved multi plug adapters are not being used.

  • Electrical outlets and junction boxes are equipped with approved covers.

  • Spliced or cut wires are capped/covered with an approved box.

  • Electrical boxes are not missing knock out covers.

Emergency Planning

  • Fire evacuation floor plans and tornado shelter plans are posted on each floor.

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