1.0 - Access Roads, Walkways, Parking Areas

1.a - Free of debris, cracks, broken pavement?

1.b - Different elevations between adjacent walkways provided with guards or well marked?

1.c - Walkways flat, well-drained, without holes?

1.d - Fences and barricades secured and in good condition?

1.e - Pathways and parking areas have adequate lighting?

1.f - Walkways have safe clearance from motorized equipment?

1.g - Signs indicating "PARK AT YOUR OWN RISK"?

2.0 - Stairs, Ramps and Elevators/Lifts

2a - Standard stair rails or handrails provided on stairways with four or more stairs and ramps?

2b - Handrails well secured with no sharp or rough parts?

2c - Stair treads and risers free of chips, cracks, unevenness?

2d - Stair treads & ramps slip resistant?

2e - Stair treads & ramps have adequate lighting?

2f - Stairs have at least 6 1/2 feet overhead clearance?

2g - Elevators/lifts inspected as required by local law?

3.0 Floor & Wall Openings

3a - Large glass areas subject to human impact well marked?

3b - Floor opening provided with guard rail or cover?

3c - Grate type covers designed not to affect foot traffic?

3d - Safe, non-skid floors?

4.0 - Entrances/Exits

4.a - Emergency lighting provided in corridors & stairways?

4.b - All exits marked and properly illuminated?

4.c - All doors, passages, stairs that aren't exits properly marked?

4.d - All exits and passageways free of obstructions?

4.e - At least two exits provided from upper floors?

5.0 - Exit Doors

5.a - All exit doors open in the direction of exit?

5.b - Cold storage room doors provided with inside release?

5.c - Doors opening into street provided with warnings or barriers to prevent stepping into path of vehicles?

6.0 - Storage Areas

6.a -Storage areas clean, dry & free of obstructions?

6.b - Storage area locked while unattended?

6.c - Flammables & combustibles stored away from heating devices and open flames?

6.d - Trash and debris in metal covered containers and regularly removed?

7.0 Emergency & First Aid

7.a - Emergency numbers posted at each phone?

7.b - Employees instructed on reporting emergencies?

7.c - Employees instructed on use of portable extinguishers?

7.d - First Aid kit's clean and fully stocked?

8.0 Outdoor Fixtures & Playgrounds

8.a - Benches & tables free of cracks, slivers and broken parts?

8.b - Water fountains & taps in good repair without broken parts?

8.c - BBQ free of sharp edges or missing parts?

8.d - Playground equipment clean and in good repair?

9.0 Swimming Pool

9.a - Appropriate caution signs posted?

9.b - Properly enclosed to prevent falling into pool or access to children?

9.c - Glass cups & plates not allowed in pool area?

9.d - Remove diving board?

9.e - Certified lifeguard on duty when pool is open?


10.a - Metal container with cover provided for greasy rags?

10.b - Knives stored in holders when not in use?

10.c - Electrical cords and plugs of appliances in good condition?

10.d - Food processing equipment properly guarded and in good repair?

10.e - Glass stored away from storage & food storage areas?

10.f - Gas & beverage concentrate cylinders secured against tipping?

10.g - Drain & other floor openings covered?

10.h - Non-skid mats provided in line with sinks, ice machine, range, etc.

10.i - Mats clean and free of grease and other build-up?

10.j - Food stored off the floor?

10.k - Food covered & stored in refrigerator when not being prepared; proper temperature maintained?

10.l - Hood & filters over range clean & not laden with grease?

10.m - Suppression system in hood inspected in the last 6 months?

10.n - Chairs, stools & tables in good condition?

10.o - Board of Health certified server and inspection?

11.0 Restrooms, Locker Rooms, Showers and Saunas

11.a - Well-maintained, dry, clean, sanitized & free of debris?

11.b - Adequate lighting; burned-out bulbs promptly replaced?

11.c - Hand towel, soap, toilet paper & sink fixtures secured and in good repair?

11.d - Toilet stall & locker walls, doors & latches secure and in good repair?

11.e - Walking surfaces made of non-skid materials?

11.f - Appropriate warning signs posted: "CAUTION - SLIPPERY WHEN WET" or "DO NOT USE OVER 15 MINUTES," etc.?

12.0 Personal Protection Devices

12.a - Appropriate protective devices provided for chemicals on site, including masks, safety aprons, gloves, goggles, etc.?

12.b - Compliance with "Right to Know" requirements where applicable?

13.0 Protection Devices

13.a - All automatic fire sprinkler system supply valves wide-open?

13.b - All heat/smoke detection systems in operation?

13.c - Portable extinguishers serviced in the last 12 months and tagged?

13.d - Pressures in appropriate range on gauge?

13.e - Extinguishers properly mounted at stations?

13.f - Extinguishers recharged, as required?

13.g - All sleeping quarters provided with smoke detectors unless provided with automatic sprinklers and carbon monoxide detectors?

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