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Emergency Response to Serious Accidents / Incidents

  • Does Tenmat have an Emergency Response procedure?

  • Where is it documented?

  • Does Tenmat have a fire alarm?

  • How frequently is it tested?

  • How frequently is it serviced?

  • Does Tenmat have a sprinkler system?

  • How frequently is it checked and / or serviced?

  • Does Tenmat carry out any evacuation drills?

  • How regular are these drills?

  • Does Tenmat have designated assembly points?

  • How does it make employees aware of them?

  • How does Tenmat look after Visitors and Contractors in the event of an Evacuation?

  • Does Tenmat have contact with the Emergency Services prior to emergencies?

  • Details / Comments / Evidence

  • Does Tenmat have trained Fire Marshalls?

  • Details / Comments / Evidence

  • Does Tenmat have a process in place for serious cases where first aid isn't successful?

  • Details / Comments / Evidence

Small Chemical Spillages

  • Does Tenmat have spill kits to deal with small chemicals spills?

  • Details / Comments / Evidence

  • How are they maintained to ensure that they are fully stocked?

  • Does Tenmat have personnel trained in how to deal with small chemical spillages?

  • Details / Comments / Evidence

  • Does Tenmat have shower facilities in case of an employee being covered in chemicals?

  • Details / Comments / Evidence

First Aid

  • Does Tenmat make provision for first-aid?

  • Details / Comments / Evidence

  • Does Tenmat have trained first aiders?

  • How is this training delivered?

  • Does Tenmat have provide equipment and facilities for first aid?

  • Details / Comments / Evidence

  • Does Tenmat have a first aid room?

  • Is it easily accessible to stretchers etc.?

  • How does Tenmat ensure that workforce know about location of first equipment, facilities and who the first aiders are?

Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences (RIDDOR)

  • Does Tenmat report any Injuries, fatalities and dangerous occurrences to the relevant enforcing authority?

  • Details / Comments / Evidence

  • If RIDDORs are reported, where are they documented and stored ?

  • Has Tenmat reported any RIDDORs in the past 12 months?

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