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Health and Safety Representatives

  • Does Tenmat have designed Health and Safety Representatives?

  • If there are Health and Safety Representatives, how are they trained?

  • If there are representatives, does Tenmat have regular meetings? Are these meetings documented?

  • How are these meetings communicated to the rest of the site?

Consultation with Employees

  • Does Tenmat have any consultations with employees (other than the Health and Safety Representatives)?

  • Details / Comments / Evidence

Employee Participation

  • How does Tenmat encourage its personnel to report any hazard or near misses?

  • Where is this reporting documented?

General Health and Safety Training

  • Does Tenmat carry out general Health and Safety training for all Staff?

  • Details / Comments / Evidence

  • If training is done, how is it performed?

  • If training is done, is it documented? If so, where are these records stored?

Job Specific Health and Safety Training

  • Does Tenmat conduct Job Specific Health and Safety Training?

  • How does the Organization determine which employees require training?

  • What types of H&S job specific training is done?

  • How is it performed?

  • How is it documented?

Employees Duties & Responsibilities

  • How does Tenmat ensure the employees are aware of their duties & responsibilities regarding Health and Safety?

  • Details / Comments / Evidence

Information for Employees

  • How is Health and Safety information passed to employees on site?

  • Details / Comments / Evidence

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