• Document No.

  • Night Shift TRBP Report

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by


  • Where there any safety incidents?

  • Please enter description of incident(s)

  • Please enter any picture available to support

  • Another Safety Shift

  • Enter any additional comments you may want to enter here.

  • Safety related pictures for the night to share in night report.



  • Where there any neighborhood complaints?

  • Enter description of complaint here

  • No complaints - audio mean < 60 db

  • Time of work permits issued

  • Where there any hold-ups related to QA/QC? or issues?

  • What were the hold-ups and how can we help/action?

  • No comment (if any information would like to be communicated type info here)

ESP - Box 1

Box 1

  • Direct craft headcount

  • Items worked during night shift

  • Progress pictures

ESP Box 2

Box #2

  • Direct Craft headcount

  • Work items during night shift

  • Progress pictures

Hopper Repairs

Hopper Repair

  • Direct Craft headcount (approximate)

  • Notes on items worked during night shift

  • Progress Pictures

Fab Yard

Fab Yard

  • Direct Craft Headcount

Gate #7

  • Notes on items worked during night shift

  • Progress Pictures

East Yard

  • Notes on items worked during night shift

  • Progress Pictures



  • Where there any delays due to scaffolding?

  • Enter reason for hold-up

  • Picture if applicable

  • No delays reported

  • Notes on scaffolding during night shift



  • Work conducted by Herzog

  • Where there any lighting issues during the shift

  • Enter description of issue here

  • What is resolved promptly during night shift?

  • Enter what day shift can do to support night shift

  • Enter items worked on by Herzog here

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