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  • SCORING STANDARD 0 = Poor/ no evidence 1 = Below average 2 = Average 3 = Good 4 = Excellent


  • MATERIALS OR INVENTORY<br>Does the work area include any unneeded materials or inventory?

  • MACHINES OR OTHER EQUIPMENT<br>Are there any redundant machines or other equipment around?

  • CHANGE PARTS, TOOLS AND CLEANING EQUIPMENT<br>Are there any redundant change parts, tools or similar equipment around?

  • WALKWAYS AND SURROUNDING AREAS<br>Are walkways and surrounding areas free from any unneeded materials, parts, equipment & tools etc?

  • OPERATING STANDARDS<br>Has establishing 5S left behind any useless operating standards, documents, signs & floor markings etc?

  • Total Score for Sort


  • LOCATION INDICATORS<br>Are shelves and other storage areas marked with location indicators and addresses?

  • ITEM INDICATORS<br>Do the shelves have signboards showing which items go where?

  • QUANTITY INDICATORS<br>Are the maximum and minimum allowable quantities indicated?

  • DEMARCATION OF WALKWAYS AND IN PROCESS INVENTORY AREA<br>Are lines or other markers used to clearly indicate storage areas?

  • CHANGE PARTS AND CLEANING EQUIPMENT<br>Are change parts and tools arranged more rationally to facilitate picking them up and returning them?

  • Total Score for Set limits and locations


  • FLOORS<br>Are floors kept shiny and clean and free of water, oil, waste, dirt, dust, grime, labels and product?

  • MACHINES (OUTSIDE) INCLUDING TRUCKS<br>Are machines wiped clean often and kept free of water, oil, waste, dirt, dust, grime, label and products?

  • CLEANING AND INSPECTING<br>Are machines free from any dents, holes, cracks, leaks, labels and other damage?

  • HABITUAL CLEANLINESS<br>Do operators habitually sweep floors and wipe equipment without being told?

  • VISUAL SWEEP<br>Is it easy to tell 'at a glance' what the status of the 1st 3S's in the area are?

  • Total Score for Shine


  • ENVIRONMENTAL STANDARDS<br>Is the room well ventilated, is there proper lighting?

  • HOUSEKEEPING RESPONSIBILITIES<br>Are cleaning & housekeeping responsibilities available, clear and communicated?

  • HOUSEKEEPING STANDARDS<br>Are cleaning and housekeeping standards available and actively used?

  • VISUAL STANDARDS<br>Are standard procedures, colours, labels and signs etc being used?

  • DRESS STANDARDS<br>Are workers wearing appropriate clean clothing and PPE?

  • Total Score for Standardise


  • DOCUMENTS AND BOARDS<br>Are all documents, procedures and notice boards up to date and regularly reviewed?

  • TOOLS AND PARTS<br>Are all tools and parts being stored correctly?

  • STOCK CONTROLS<br>Are stock controls being adhered to?

  • AUDITING<br>Are audits carried out at regular intervals with an improvement list generated?

  • PROBLEM COMPLETION<br>Have the problems from the last audit been completed?

  • Total Score for Sustain

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