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For each statement please elect the score that best represents the observed frequency in the area and indicate the rationale for your assessment under score justification. For scoring use the following 0 = Not found anywhere, 1 = Only found in some areas (25%), 2 = Commonly found but less than (50%), 3 = Very typical some exceptions (75%), 4 = Found everywhere, no exceptions (100%).

SORT - Sorting out necessary and unnecessary items . The items deemed unnecessary and not being used should be removed.

  • A. Is the lab area clear of unnecessary & non essential items to perform the job?

  • Is the area clearly marked and are the markings ahead too?

  • Are the tools & equipment that are not in use stored away in a properly marked location? Are items clean and free of oil, grease & debris ( glue, RM etc)

  • Are all documents & materials NOT needed for the job running removed from the work area?

  • Are all personal items removed from the active work area?

SET - A place for everything and everything in its place, so that items are easy to find.

  • Are all necessary items correctly identified / labelled?

  • Are all necessary items correctly stored for ease of access?

  • Are all necessary items stored in there proper place ?

  • Are all necessary items stored safely and in the correct packaging?

  • Are all necessary production / work documents stored in the correct place and stored for ease of use?

Shine - Eliminate trash, dust and dirt from the work area. Clean to inspect, inspect to detect, detect to correct and correct to perfect!

  • Are the aisles and floor areas around the test equipment & work benches clean, dry and free of unneeded items, material, oil, grease, litter and trash!

  • Is the test equipment and beneath work benches the equipment free of water, oil, grease , dust and excess material (debris).

  • Is ther an adequate number of containers for refuse / scrap and are they clean, clearly identified and maintained?

  • Is the lighting system maintained in a clean and efficient manner? Are all bulbs in working order?

  • Is there evidence of frequent and regular housekeeping and maintenance checks? Is the equipment clean and painted?

Standardise - Maintain the first three S's and have awareness of improving workplace organisation.

  • Is evidence visible that there is a clear understanding of the importance of 5s principles?

  • Can management explain why 5s is important?

  • Can operators explain the importance of 5s.

  • Are the 5s checklists used properly to identify cleaning frequencies / duties, improvements and needed repairs? Are the 5s sheets all up to date ?

  • Can the Lab technicians detail the overall responsibilities of others to the 5 s activities? Such as engineering and Technical management and Directors?

Sustain - The 5s discipline is embedded in the workplace so that it becomes a way of life. 5s is no longer an event but a regular routine. ( A way of life).

  • Are 5s plans and actions updates clearly displayed and are they current?

  • Are employees 5s roles clearly identified?

  • Are the previous action plans available for inspection with details of improvements made, who completed the work & who's action was it.

  • Has the necessary time & resource been allocated by management to complete audits, checks and actions?

  • Has Technical management shown interest in the 5s inspection audit sheets and passed Technician requirements on to the engineers / management?

Identified actions / problems during this audit?

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