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Sort - Distinguish between what is needed & what is not needed

  • Are there any homeless items?

  • Are there any broken items?

  • Are there the correct tools and equipment for the job?

  • Are the correct safety critical items in place?

  • Are the quality critical items in place?

Set in order - A place for everything and everything in its place

  • Have all essential items an allocated area?.

  • Are allocated areas marked out?

  • Are all areas clearly labelled?

  • Are all items put away after use?

  • Are the items located at a convenient location? (Point of use)

  • Are standards being maintained everyday?

Shine - Cleaning and looking for ways to keep it clean

  • Is the workplace clean and free of dirt, oil & debris?

  • Is the equipment in the area clean & maintained?

  • Is the machinery free of leaks, dirt and contamination?

  • Is the area designed for ease of cleaning?

Standardise - Maintain & Monitor for adherence

  • Are there checklists in place and being used? (3S)

  • Are there visual standards in place ? (Photographs)

  • Are there clear responsibilities / ownership of all areas?

  • Are there regular audits carried out?

  • Is there a corrective action system in place (and being used) to rectify defects?

Sustain - Follow the rules to Sustain

  • Does everyone understand 6S and the benefits?

  • Does management lead by example to drive improvements?

  • Is everyone involved with 6S?

  • Do we apply 6S principles to new additions? (Plant & people)

  • Is the department continually improving?

Safety - Maintain a safe workplace

  • Are there any hazards present in the area?

  • Is all safety equipment I.e guarding, emergency stops etc in good condition, available and in use?

  • Is all relevant PPE available, in good condition and in use?

  • Are all relevant safety signs in place and in good readable condition?

  • Are there relevant and current operating instructions available for plant and machinery?

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