• Scaffold designed by a qualified person?

  • Scaffold designed to support 4x maximum intended loads?


  • Scaffold erected, moved, dismantled of altered only under the supervision of a "Competent Person" and performed by trained employees?

  • Scaffold frames resting on baseplates and mud sills or adequate firm foundation? Do all scaffolds uprights have baseplates?

  • Footings level, solid and able to support loads without settling?

  • All scaffold frames and uprights plumb and braced to prevent swaying and displacement?

  • All frames and panels braced by cross, horizontal, or diagonal braces which secure vertical members together laterally?


  • All platforms on working levels fully decked between uprights and guardrails?

  • Each platform a minimum 18" in width?

  • Front edge of platforms within 14" of face of work?

  • Is each platform hooked or cleated to the frame or extended at least 6" and not more than 12" past the frame?

  • Are overlapping walkboards occurring at a support and the overlap a minimum of 12"?


  • Scaffold more than 2' above or below point of access (ground or floor) have a ladder, stairway, integral prefabricated access frame or access from another scaffold or structure?

  • Are cross braces being used for access?

  • If yes, was this corrected?

  • Are walkthrough end frames being used?

  • If yes, was this corrected?


  • Employees more than 10' above lower level have fall protection?

  • Guardrail system secured in place?

  • Top rail between 38" - 45" high and capable of supporting 200lb with mid rails midway between top rail and platform?

  • Are toe boards, screens or barricades at heights above 10' in place if a hazard for falling objects exists?


  • Is the height of the scaffold greater than 4x the minimum base width?

  • If yes, is scaffold restrained from tipping by tying, guying or bracing?

  • Are horizontal ties no greater than 30' apart?

  • Are vertical ties at the 4:1 ration, then every 20' apart?

  • Are outriggers installed to increase the minimum base width?


  • Was the scaffold inspected by a "Competent Person" at the beginning of the day or change in work shift?

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