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Personnel & Administration

  • Is Safety Program available on site?

  • Have employees received Safety Orientation training?

  • Are weekly tool box talks documented?

  • Can all employees understand English?

  • Is there a translator on the job site for Non-English speaking employees?

  • Is HSE thumb stick present on location?

Employee Training & Documentation

  • Safety Training held before start of job?

  • MSDS reviewed for each chemical used on the job with each employee?

  • Sufficient instruction given in recognition an avoidance of job hazards, unsafe conditions on job rules, regulations and procedures?

  • Personal protective equipment?

  • Employees instructed to promptly report injury/illness and accidents involving damage to operation equipment or materials?

  • Are all employees up to date on current training?

  • ISS procedures Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 present on job site?

Minimum Posting Requirements

  • Job Safety Health and protection poster?

  • ISS Virtues/and cards with employees?

  • Emergency notification numbers?

  • Miscellaneous safety bulletins reminder posters, and general company information?

Safety Meetings

  • Meetings minutes filed and distributed as required?

  • Special safety meetings held when necessary (i.e.. confined space entry, etc.)?

  • JSA's conducted, reviewed and signed-off by work crews?

  • Review JSAs from previous 5 Days(Do completed JSAs match Job task performed on ESOs)?

Hazard Communication Program

  • MSDS available for materials on site?

  • Are containers properly labelled?

  • Are MSDS for owner or sub-contractor materials on site and accessable?

  • Listing of chemicals used on the job site, and quantities


  • Accident reports completed and distributed as required?

  • Daily work reports completed on file?

  • Inspection of work site- check list used?

  • Inspection of equipment- safety belts, scaffolds, cables?

  • Are all employees filling out SHARP cards on a daily basis?

Work Permits- Are the following procedures understood/followed

  • Hot Work

  • Lock out /Tag out

  • Confined Space

  • Is proper permit on jobsite?

  • Special warning posted (High Pressure, men working, overhead dangers) if necessary?

Emergency Response

  • Do employees know the evacuation alarm?

  • Do employees know emergency telephone numbers?

  • Do employees know the primary and secondary evacuation sites?

  • Have employees been trained in site specific evacuation procedures?

Orderliness and Material Storage

  • Are work areas neat and orderly?

  • Are containers provided for trash, waste or other garbage?

  • Are passageways and walkway clean?

  • Are nails removed or bent down?

  • Are spills cleaned up properly?

  • Is their sufficient Spill clean up kits for location needs?

  • Proper lifting methods/materials handling?

  • Proper/Approved lifting gear used?

  • Are flammables properly stored?

  • Are all First Aid kits filled with a adequate amount of supplies?

Hand and portable tools

  • Tools and cords in good condition?

  • Tool guards in place?

  • Are tools stored properly?

  • Proper Eye and Face protection worn?

  • Are hoses properly secured?

  • Are hoses properly used?

  • Are hose restraints used?

  • Sledge hammers are made of non destructible plastic handles?

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Impact Gloves worn by all crew members?

  • Sufficient Equipment provided?

  • Equipment properly used and maintained?

  • Hardhats and safety glasses worn by all personnel?

  • Proper eye and face protection used, where applicable?

  • Protective clothing worn as required?

  • Ear protection provided where required?

  • Respirators properly cleaned and stored and in good condition?

  • Employees clean shaven. (H2S locations)

Flammable and combustible liquids

  • Containers clearly marked to show contents?

  • Drum/tanks used for outdoor dispensing and fueling purposes are located at least 25 feet from the building and work area?

  • Drum/tanks used for outdoor dispensing and fueling purposes are grounded and bonded?

  • "No Smoking" signs posted?

  • Fuel properly stored including secondary containment?

Welding and Cutting

  • Is fuel gas and oxygen separated in storage?

  • Are compressed bottles upright and secured?

  • Power cables and hoses protected and in good repair?

  • Flow gauges and regulators maintained? Removed when not in use?

  • Back flow check valves in oxygen and acetylene?

  • Are welders and helpers using PPE and protection against sparks? Welding and cutting? UV Radiation?

  • Proper fire protection present?

Fall Protection

  • Safety harness worn when working above 6 feet?

  • Double locking shock absorbent lanyards?

  • Fall arrestors in test?

  • Stages and Lifts certified?

  • Do all ladders have non-skid tape on rungs?

  • Employees have fall protection training?

  • At least one employee on location hold a current Fall Rescue Certificate?


  • Is maintenance performed as per the ISS Maintenance Program?

  • Is the maintenance documented?

  • Are defects found corrected and documented?

  • Power packs/Mud pumps/Generators maintenance at 300 hours or every 14 Days(oil filters,oil etc.)

  • All used oils properly disposed of?

  • Have the LOTO procedures been followed and documented?

  • Is the wire rope on the scoping, main and counterbalance winches been inspected?

  • Are all hydraulic hoses not in use capped?

  • Are the ESD's on the HPU functioning? Must see documentation with date and person testing.

  • Are all safety latches in place on chain falls?

  • Have the cellars been pumped of oil and hydraulic fluid?

Ladders and Scaffolds

  • Erected under proper supervision?

  • Proper footings- sound, rigid, secured?

  • Safely tied into structure?

  • Access ladder provided and used?

  • Defective and damaged parts, planks, etc. removed from service?

  • Guardrails, mid rails and toe boards installed on all open sides of platforms 10 feet or higher?

  • Complete platforms, planks, close together and overlapped by at least 12 inches or secured by wire or proper cleating?

  • Inspected and in good condition?

  • Properly secured top and bottom?

  • All straight and extension ladders equipped with safety shoes and or blocked off in use?

  • Rails extend at least 36 inches above landing or work platform?

  • Step ladders fully opened when in use?

  • Metal ladders not used around electrical hazards?

  • Defective ladders tagged and removed from work area?

  • Ladder areas barricaded where required?


  • Are Blind Shear alarms functioning and in place on Accumulator Unit and secondary remote panels?

  • Are the Thimbles on guide wires/turn buckles?

  • 3 minimum cable clamps on guide wires?

  • Rotary equipment maintained and in good working condition?

  • King swivel in good working condition and inspected?

  • Are Nylon straps properly stored?

  • Safety devices operational on equipment (i.e. Grayco guys etc.)?

  • Cables free of excessive wear

  • All equipment properly lubricated and maintained?

  • Tools and cords in good condition?

  • Explosion proof lighting in areas with limited ventilation?

  • Vehicles properly maintained with safety equipment including seat belts?

  • Dog house clean and orderly?

  • Whip checks on all hydraulic lines?

  • All guide wires in place and flagged?

  • Caps on fluid end of pumps secured with restraint?

  • Snubbing Jack, crane and all rig components properly grounded?

  • All guards in place on rotating gear?

  • All pumping on jack and Husco in good condition and not over tightened?

  • Have the emergency drills been conducted and documented?

  • Are the escape devices in good condition?

  • All fire extinguishers charged and in position?

  • Are Fire extinguishers signs in proper locations?

  • Are the safety latches working on power tongs?

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