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  • This form will be used by the nominated site supervisor or manager to carry out an audit of the behaviour of workers, employees and contractors in respect to safety issues. Each audit shall last a minimum of one hour with all findings to be recorded on this form. A Vault 'Audit' record is to be raised and a copy of the completed audit is to be uploaded to the Vault record.


  • 1. Appropriate PPE is being worn as per site requirements and activity being assessed ?

  • 2. Pedestrians are keeping to walkways. ie. No one seen taking short-cuts?

  • 3. PME and Pedestrian interaction rules being followed. 3m for Forklifts and 10m for Loaders ?

  • 4. AAA and Loading / Unloading Area SWP requirements are being followed?

  • 5. Boom gates are operational and close automatically?

  • 6. Forklifts operators are wearing seat belts, driving in reverse where visibility would otherwise be impaired, at a suitable speed, in a safe manner?

  • 7. Confirm pre-start checks are carried out for forklifts, loaders, skid steers,<br>EWP, scissor lifts that are currently operating on site.

  • 8. Isolation and lockout procedure in place and being followed correctly?

  • 9. Contractors, labour hire and employees are inducted and signed in. ( Verify at least 4 - where possible ) ?

  • 10. Licenses / certificates available for specialised work eg. Forklift, Skid- steer, FEL, EWP, Electrical, etc.? (Verify at least 2)

  • 11. Stop & Think and Maintenance Checklist completed as applicable? (Challenge one of each)

  • 12. Risk Assessments / JSEAs completed and available as applicable ?

  • 13. Applicable permits filled out and authorised such as Hot Work and Confined Space? Verify.

  • 14. Work at height of >2m is performed from a work surface with adequate fall protection, elevated work platform, scaffolding or when a safety harness is secured at all times?

  • 15. Safe manual handling practices taking place ?

  • 16. Safe transport management pre-departure declaration forms are<br>completed for all outbound loads. Where applicable, check pre-unload<br>forms for inbound loads .Verify


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