• Extinguishers accessible

  • Date of last inspection

  • Escape routes clear of obstruction

  • Welding bench no sources of ignition

  • Welding gear tested

  • Shift Engineer able to carry out duties in a Fire situation


  • Guards and handrails fitted and in good condition

  • Platform free from debris and engineering items

  • Pre-use safety checks up to date

  • Harnesses available and tagged and tested


  • Walkways are clear

  • Floors in good condition and markings clear

  • Oil storage areas tidy and stillages clean

  • Containers sealed when not in use

  • Containers correctly labelled

  • Gas bottles stored in correct location and cage locked


  • Waste is stored in the correct receptacles

  • Receptacles being emptied and not overflowing

  • No items being stored on top of cupboards etc

  • Combustibles being stored near sources of ignition e.g. electrical switchgear, heaters, battery chargers etc

  • Workshop floor without debris

  • Machines are in a clean condition

Environment and Welfare

  • Heating & ventilation equipment functioning and records up to date

  • Lighting is adequate

  • Welding area clean and tidy

  • Grinding wheels - Guards in place

  • Grinding wheel - wheels in suitable condition and dressed

  • Suitable spill kit available and staff aware of location

  • All chemicals controlled in line with COSHH Regulations

  • Boiler checks completed

  • Storage water tanks tests up to date and no issues

  • 5S daily checks completed


  • Storage racking secure and stable

  • All parts or spares associated with the Engineering department stored safe and stable

  • Oil storage - items stored on bunds

  • Oil storage - staff received training in transporting oil drums

  • Gas bottle storage area clean and cage locked


  • No damaged electrical fittings

  • No trailing leads or cables

  • Staff trained in live electrical testing

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Has the necessary PPE been provided and is being worn by employees where required

  • Individual monthly checks up to date

  • Hearing protection being worn in EPZ areas

  • Do staff have facility to store their PPE

Machinery - Plant - Hand tools

  • All machine guards are in position, securely fastened and clean

  • Lock off system - Pick one machine on the register and check to see if he right lock is on that machine and the machine is locked off correctly

  • All machine guard checks have been completed

  • Portable appliances are in good condition and PAT tested if required

  • All working at height equipment is in good condition and within the test periods

  • Staff trained for working at height and MEWP

  • Audit one engineer on task being carried out

  • Is there a SWP or JSA?

  • Is it appropriate for the task being carried out?

  • Staff are working safely

  • Hand tools are in good condition & H&SM BKN 26 is being followed. Name of person checked

  • Lifting equipment tested and in date

  • Staff trained on lifting and slinging

  • PPM programme up to date

  • PPM check sheets completed


  • Are all contractors working on site at the time of the audit on the approved list

  • Have they received an induction and is documented

  • Have they submitted RAMS for the work they are doing


  • Are all safety signs in good order

  • No outstanding issues from last Audit

  • Departmental training matrix up to date

  • Departmental risk assessments are within a 3 year time period

  • List the persons spoken to during the audit

  • There have been no changes in the workplace or the operating procedures to warrant a review of any of the existing statements of the H&S policy and/or risk assessment that is required under the MHSW REGS.

  • Auditor

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