• Panels installed: Crew A

  • Panels installed: Crew B

  • Panels installed Crew C

  • Panel joints/brick joints are vertically plumb and in line

  • Panel joints/brick joints are horizontally in line and true to grid

  • Window, door, and MEP rough openings are correct in size and location

  • Any "site" adjustments made today (note below and attach photos)

  • Inspections (note below any issues and attach photos)

  • All panels are secured before leaving at night

  • Panels are installed today are free of damage

  • Rope weeps are installed under loose granite sills (Gresser)

  • Additional notes

  • Daily Photos


  • General areas caulked today

  • All joints are cleaned and primed

  • Correct caulk color is being installed

  • Joints are tooled smoothly and uniformly

  • Any excess caulk is wiped clean from adjacent surfaces

  • Weep systems/baffles are clear of caulking

  • Swing stages are secure at the end of each day

  • Additional Notes

  • Daily Photos

Curtain Wall

  • Interclad QC sign off on openings prior to setting frames

  • All precast caulking required at heads and sills for frame installation is complete

  • Frames installed today

  • Horizontal, vertical, and interior alignment appear consistent and correct

  • Frames and glass appear to be without damage

  • Interior sill and stool trim protective covering is installed

  • MB-2/MB-3 is installed at 1st floor window sill locations and terminated properly. End dams are present at jamb conditions.

  • All frames and glass have been secured prior to leaving for the night

  • Swing stages are secure for the night

  • Inspections (note below any issues/attach photos)

  • Additional Notes

  • Daily Photos

Metal Panels

  • Vapor/Air barrier is properly installed and sealed to substrate prior to metal panel installation beginning

  • Metal panels are free of scratches, dings, dents.

  • Weeps and baffles are present and installed properly

  • Additional Notes

  • Daily Photos

Insulation/Vapor Barrier

  • FSK tape has 1" loop at curtain wall head

  • Gutter/drainage channels and weep tubes are clear of debris prior installing FSK insulation

  • Vapor barrier is properly terminated at 1st and 2nd floor precast column enclosures around building perimeter

  • Additional Notes

  • Daily Photos


  • Prior to starting has Central accepted the surface.

  • Drain bodies properly set and sealed

  • Hydrotech material is terminated as drawn

  • Central has signed off that insulation mat/plywood can be installed.

  • Verify correct layout and placement of KIP 33Q2 high load pads

  • Verify correct layout and placement of KIP 22Q2 high load pads

  • Drain assembly is completed prior to pour

  • All perimeter expansion material is installed prior to pour.

  • 3/4" plywood correctly placed.

  • 6 mil poly installed

  • Concrete placement and finish is correct.

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