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  • The purpose of this evaluation exercise is to identify and rate business activities in order to enable the organization to determine which aspects pose a business or compliance risk. The following definitions should be used as guidance for completing the exercise: Aspect: operational process, equipment, or activity that can have an environmental impact Environmental Impact: any change to the environment, whether adverse or beneficial, resulting from a facility‚Äôs activities, products, or services
    Control Measure: means of evaluating environmental performance (e.g., continuous metering, periodic visual inspection, etc.)
    Significance Level: pseduo-quantified level severity of risk severity ; for this exercise, the risk level is calculated by multiplying the following ratings: Significance * Control Measure * Consequence

  • Environmental Aspect
  • Category

  • Process

  • Environmental Aspect

  • Environmental Impact Potential

  • Potential consequence

  • Significance

  • Control Measure - is the environmental aspect controlled?

  • Describe the control method/measure for the aspect

  • Risk


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