• Audit title

  • Document No.

  • Proprietor

  • Trading Name

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location

Business Information

  • Person interviewed

  • ABN

  • Email address

  • Phone number

Environmental Management

  • Do you have an environmental management plan

  • Do you have an environmental action plan

  • Have your staff been trained in environmental management

  • Do you have a form process for reporting environmental incident and accidents

Storage of chemicals, solvents and oils

  • Are MSDS available to your staff

  • Do you have a register of all chemicals, solvents and oils stored on site

  • Is primary bunding installed

  • Is secondary bunding installed

  • Is a spill kit available and in a conspicuous place

  • Is there adequate ventilation for chemicals,solvents and oils

  • Chemical, solvents and oils stored away from ignition sources

  • Relevant Australian standards adhered to

Waste Management

  • Does the storage of hazardous waste comply with the Dangerous Goods Regulations

  • Proof of correct disposal of hazardous goods

  • Notification of dangerous goods to Work Cover

  • Are all waste containers identified and labeled

  • Do you recycle all oils and solvents

  • Do you have solid waste bins with lids and stored undercover out of the wind

Wast Water Management

  • Do you have an oil water separator

  • Do you have a trade waste agreement

  • Are all storm water drains well marked

  • Do you have procedures in place to prevent storm water pollution

  • Do you use a blower or broom to clean surfaces

Soil and Ground Water Management

  • Do you know if you have any ground water under your site

  • Is there any evidence of ground water contamination

  • Do you comply with the Under Ground Petroleum Storage Regulations

Air Quality Management

  • Have you received any complaints regarding dust or odour from your premises

  • Do you use dust suppression to minimise dust from the premises

  • Is all spray activities carried out within a spray booth

  • Are all filters on the spray booth serviced and maintained on a regular basis

  • Are all lids kept on chemical containers when not in use

Noise Management

  • Have you received any complaints regarding noisy equipment

  • Do you follow up on noise complaints

  • Do you regularly check and maintain noisy equipment

  • Do you leave any equipment running after hours

General Information and Recommendations

  • Matters to be addressed

  • Re-inspection date

  • Environmental Health Officer

  • Owner / Manager / operator

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