Management Responsibilities:

  • Is the environmental policy on display and in clear view of personnel?

  • Does the site inform, train, & supervise staff ensuring persons are aware of their environmental responsibility?

  • Are personnel encouraged to report existing or potential environmental risks/ hazards?

  • Have all events & incidents that effect the environment been recorded & reported to the OHSE manager?

  • Is site rubbish moved to waste bins in order to prevent it escaping into the environment?

Safety Signage:

  • Does the site display signs that warn persons of hazards?

  • Do signs convey the required implementation of environmental management controls?

  • Do warning signs include hazardous or dangerous chemicals?

  • Storm water?

  • Sewer?

  • Other warning signs relevant to environmental management? (If yes, please comment on what sign is being used)

  • The need to use PPE?

  • Add media

  • Are site signs in good conditions?

Air Quality:

  • Has dust been effectively controlled by watering or ceasing work?

  • Dusty roads sprayed

  • Controls during drilling

  • Controls during grinding

  • Controls during excavations

  • Add media

  • Are all vehicle carrying loads covered or watered prior to leaving the C&O site?

  • Have excavations been refilled to ensure that any conditions are returned to the original form?

  • Are stockpiles clear of footpaths, gutters and drains?

  • Has the site been compacted?

  • Are wheels on trucks leaving site inspected for soil &cleaned if necessary?

  • Is plant and equipment well maintained to minimise air pollution?
    ( I.e. black smoke observed - please indicate what piece of plant or equipment)

Erosion and Sediment Controls

  • Are sediment and erosion controls installed according to soil and water management plan?

  • Maintained and is an effective control

  • Add media

  • Is excess solid at site entry/exit points swept from off the road side?

  • Are mesh fences installed around the perimeter of the site?

Hazardous Substance

  • Is the site MSDS folder maintained & up to date with any hazardous materials on site?

  • Are all containers adequately labelled?

  • Are all areas of use or storage well ventilated?

  • Is refuelling conducted in a designated area which has been appropriately bunted?

  • Can you identify any equipment with any faults or leaks?

  • Are spill kits available for use?

  • Are spill pallets used to prevent hazardous substances entering soil or water sources?

  • Are flammable materials stored and used away from escape routes?

  • Does the site store more than 250L of petrol or diesel (combined)?

  • Is there any evidence of uncleaned spills (i.e. oil or fuel leaks)

Waste Managment

  • Is waste being separated and recycled by the site bin/waste contractor?

  • Are recycling reports given to the site managment by the waste contractor?

  • Are construction materials being reused where practicable?

  • Are soils being re-used on site where feasible?

Water Management

  • Are punctured hoses on site replaced or repaired?

  • Is contaminated water/soil prevented from entering sewer/storm water drains/catchments?

  • Have temporary or permanent down pipes been installed?

  • Are concrete washout bays properly bunted in order to prevent contaminated water entering the soil?

  • Are spills being cleaned up immediately to prevent seepage into the soil and water tables?

  • Is surface water diverted to minimise the amount of flow through the site?

Noise & Vibrations

  • Is construction equipment of appropriate size or capacity to complete the required task?

  • Have any noise dampening devices been implemented in order to mitigate nuisance to surrounding business or community?

  • If no, are noisy works scheduled between 8:30am - 4:00pm?

  • Is idling plant and equipment being throttled down or switched off?

  • Are truck's switched off while waiting to access the site or being loaded or unloaded?

  • Are construction activities causing a high level of vibration?
    ( Can you feel vibrations 50m away from the activity?)

  • Person conducting audit

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