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EMS EOC Checklist

  • Are all Housekeeping chemicals and solutions clearly identified?

  • Are areas free of indications of any pest control concerns?

  • Are dispensers clean and properly stocked with supplies?

  • Are doors secured on clean and soiled linen rooms? Are carts covered?

  • Are eyewash stations unobstructed by equipment or other items?

  • Are floors clean, free of dust and dirt, with a high level of shine?

  • Are furnishings clean, safe and in good repair? Are walls free of holes, scrapes patched and painted?

  • Is flooring in need of repair or replacement?

  • Are hand hygiene product dispensers with expiration date and filled?

  • Are housekeeping closets, carts, and equipment clean and secured? Are products properly labeled?

  • Are housekeeping closets, equipment and supply rooms clean, organized and adequately stocked?

  • Are linen and trash chute rooms clean and properly functioning?

  • Are personnel able to accurately describe the procedure for reporting a chemical spill and location of spill kits?

  • Are personnel demonstrating proper procedures for handling regulated medical waste?

  • Are receptacles for linen and trash in compliance not to exceed 32-gallon requirement?

  • Are regulated medical waste and/or biohazard containers properly labeled, covered, stored, and secured?

  • Are safety procedures being followed in linen and trash chute areas?

  • Are vents, lights, and ceiling tiles free from dust, water stains, and mold?

  • Are window treatments, privacy curtains, and shower curtains clean, hung, and properly maintained?

  • Do staff have access to SDS sheets for all chemicals used in the department?

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