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Sump Pumps

Sump Pits are clean and free of debris prior to setting?

Picture of sump pit prior to installation

Is entry to the pit required to install pumps?

Has a work plan been developed?

Has the safety department been notified of the confined space entry?

Guide rails are installed and material is per submittal?

Floats are installed at correct elevation and per detail?

Coordination with electrician is complete, float and power cables are of sufficient length?

Picture of power and float cables

All O&M manuals that came with the pumps have been given to the PM to compile the turn over package?

Manufacturers Rep has been onsite to assist with start up of pumps?

Name of Manufacturers Representative:

Date or Dates Rep was on site:

Electrical/Control panel location has been coordinated and complies with electrical clearances required?

Photo of Installed Panel

Pit Lid matches frame and gasket and all bolts are installed?

Picture of installed pit lid
Water Softener

Anchorage complies with details?

All Clearances required for maintenance or service have been addressed and adhered to?

Photo of clear service area

Flex connectors installed on connection to softener if required?

Softening media installed if required?

Manufacturers Rep has confirmed installation is correct and assisted in start up?

Name of Manufacturers Rep

Date or Dates Manufacturers Rep was on site

Drains off equipment are run to floor sink and drain properly?

Water softener installed on housekeeping pad if required?

Photos of completed installation
Expansion Tank

Anchorage complies with approved details

Piping is installed to tank with union and valves as required?

Piping is connected to cold water system per detail?

Pre Charge Pressure of the tank has been confirmed?

All O&M Manuals that came with the tank have been given to the PM for the turn over package?

Tank is on housekeeping pad if required?

Picture of completed installation
Domestic Water Heaters

Piping to heaters complies with approved detail?

All valves, gauges, reliefs thermometers are installed per detail?

All Clearances for maintenance have been adhered to?

Coordination with Electrical, Control, and Mechanical (steam) has been completed and clearances met?

Anchorage of heaters is per approved detail?

Housekeeping pad is installed if required?

Flex connectors installed at equipment if required?

Relief valves are run to floor sink?

Manufacturers Rep has approved the installation and has assisted in start up?

Name of Manufacturers Rep:

Date or Dates Manufacturers Rep was on site

Start up Documentation and compliance is complete and given to the PM?

Insulation of equipment is complete if required?

Picture of the completed installation
Circulating Pumps

Circulating pumps installed per contract details?

Pumps are properly supported?

Picture of pump support

Flex connectors installed if required?

Aqua stat, timer and control panel installed?

Timer and control panel are accessible and required clearances met?

All O&M paperwork with with pumps has been given to the PM for the turn over package?

Oil for bearings and seals has been installed if sent with pumps?

Picture of completed installation
Thermostatic Mixing Valve

Mixing Valve has been installed per the manufacturers instructions?

Mixing Valve is supported properly?

Picture of mixing valve support

Mixing Valve is accessible?

O&M Manual has been given to the PM for the turnover package?

Picture of completed installation
Notes, Impacts, or Comments

Notes, Impacts or Comments

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