Title Page

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Location
  • Prepared by

ESM cabinet

  • Esm Cabinet installed

  • loctation; eg foyer

  • cabinet contents

  • Detail other:

  • ESM cabinet location photo

  • site evacuation plan on display

  • plan photo

  • notes / recommendations


  • Number of switchboard on site, click add for each switchboard

  • Switchboards
  • main switchboard or sub board

  • significant switchboard?

  • Is CO2 or appropriate fire extinguisher installed between 2 m and 20 m of this switchboard

  • recomdenations

  • RCD/RCB installed

  • Location ; eg admin area

  • Number RCD/RCB installed

  • switchboard photo

  • notes / recommendations

Exit/Emergency lighting

  • Exit/Emergency lighting installed

  • Number of systems on site : click add for each system
  • logbook on site

  • last test performed

  • Notes/details

  • Dedicated switchboard isolation curcuit

  • switchboard location/number

  • circuit number:

  • notes / recommendations

First aid kit

  • first aid kit

  • suitable size

  • Expiry date

  • correct signage

  • location photo

  • notes / recommendations

Fire alarm system

  • Fire alarm system installed

  • smoke detectors or smoke alarms installed

  • Number of alarms installed:

  • notes / recommendations

Portable fire equipment

  • last service date

  • last service level

  • equipment installed, click add for each piece of equipment

  • portable fire equipment
  • equipment type

  • location photo inc siganage

  • location photo inc siganage

  • location photo inc signage

  • location photo inc photo

  • last test date

  • last service level

  • Is currently installed fire equipment provides appropriate protection for fire hazard/risk

  • recomendations

  • notes /recommendations

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