1. Reception/ground floor

1.1 Entrance pathway clean and free of damages

1.2 External light fitting clean and in good condition.

1.3 Building facade/glass clean

1.4 Main door clean and working properly

1.5 Reception clean, AC and lights working

1.6 Health and safety notices displayed, fire alarms in normal working condition

1.7 Fire exits free from obstacles, emergency lights working, running man and exit signs visible

1.8 Garbage room clean and chute working

1.9 Lifts working, clean and lights working

1.10 Reception furniture clean and well maintained

2. Terrace/roof top

2.1 Clean and free from waste

2.2 Water tank in good condition, last cleaning and test date conducted on ....

2.3 Chiller operational with no major noise. Chilled water pumps (primary and secondary) working properly

2.4 Booster pump operational. No abnormal noise

2.5 FAHU & AHU working correctly. Filters in good condition

3. Floors

3.1 Fire exit doors, exit sign and running man visible, extinguisher serviced, hose reel clean and in place

3.2 Staircase clean, lights working, free from obstacles

3.3 AC working and set at 23 deg, no condensation, no stains due to previous leak

3.4 Floors clean, without odor and walls without stains

3.5 Janitor room,telephone room, electrical room and garbage room clean

3.6 Light fittings clean, lift display working, signage in place and clean

4. Basement / service floor

4.1 Car park clean and free of waste materials

4.2 Walls clean and parking slot numbers visible

4.3 Water tank float valve working, pumps working without unusual noise

4.4 Jockey pump, electrical pump and diesel pump working and in auto mode

4.5 Generator working in auto mode. (Insert fuel tank level)

4.6 Fire system maintenance contractor details (trade license, chamber of commerce certificate, AD civil defense approval) displayed

4.7 electrical room clean and mats in place, FM200/extinguisher available and serviced

5. Building access

5.1 Suitable access and egress. Gate barrier/ sliding door working

5.2 Adequate pedestrian segregation/pedestrian routes

5.3 Walkways clear of trip hazards

6. Health club

6.1 main and kids pool clean.
Water temperature at 28-30 degC
Chlorine acceptable?
Ph acceptable?

6.2 pool heaters working. Circulation and standby pumps working.

6.3 Jacuzzi and jacuzzi pump working. Water temperature @35deg

6.4 Pool deck clean, furniture in good condition, warning signs in place. Pool and external lights working

6.5 Ladies and men changing room clean, lights working

6.6 AC working, odor free, toilets, mats, walls, floor and cubicle clean

7. Other

Site representative
Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.