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Safety Incidents

  • Was there any Incidents in the past week or any new safety issues to be raised?

  • Add new safety issues arising from this meeting

Safety Topics for Discussion and Consultation

  • Identifying the Slip, Trip and Fall hazards in the workplace<br>Typical injuries from Slips, Trips and Falls: <br>* Sprains and strains<br>* Bruises and contusions <br>* Fractures <br>* Abrasions and Lacerations

  • Stacked items - at Height (Pay Attention)

  • Rubbish and Recycling - Housekeeping

  • PPE - Boots are required (Demo the caps)

  • Emergency Preparedness - Simulate an Injury<br>An employee cut their hand and is bleeding, the felt light headed and sat down.<br><br>* What are the steps you would do?<br><br>Ensure the following is discussed:<br>1. First Aid Kit<br>2. First Aid Officer contacted<br>3. Medical Centre/Hospital<br>4. Notification persons<br>5. Incident Report<br>6. Follow Up - Check Up - Monitoring

  • Note or Actions from the Emergency Drill

  • Is there any other items to be discussed - or Feedback to be recorded

  • Record any other comments or general business arising from this meeting

Attendance Log

  • Each present team member to sign name and signature acknowledging attendance at this meeting

  • Take a photo of the Attendance Page or of attendees

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