Title Page

  • Customer Support Area

  • Support Professional Name, Title, Hire Date

  • Evaluated on

  • Evaluated by

  • Team Lead

  • Ticket Number

  • Ticket Date & Time

  • Inbound Call Type

1st Impressions : Assessing the Support Professional's Greeting Demonstrating CARE (Customer Are Really Everything) With a Warm Hello

Warm Hello [ 6 points ]

  • The Support Professional answered caller with an attitude of Care (Customers Are Really Everything)

  • Greeting

  • Agent Identification

  • Company and Department Identification

  • Offer of Assistance

Account Verification, Protection, & Confirmation/Update [ 9 points ]

  • The Support Professional Fully Verified and Protected The Account

  • Full Verification of the Caller

  • Account Security

  • Account Details Confirmed or Updated

Service Ownership : Assessing the Support Professional's Ability to Deliver WOW! Through Extreme Customer Service for the Most Amazing Customer Experience

Tone & Style [ 3 points ]

  • Agent demonstrates use of Pitch, Pace, Volume, Emphasis, and Pauses ~ Adapts Tone and Style to the Customer's Needs

  • Volume, Pitch, Emphasis, Pace and Pause variations demonstrated

  • Customized Tone and Style to the Customer's Needs

  • Established and Maintained Rapport with the Customer

Moving the Call Forward [ 9 points ]

  • How the agent navigated the call forward, assuring the customer they understood their issue, need, and/or concern.

  • Summarized the Reason for the Call to Ensure Understanding

  • Maintained Confidence During the Call

  • Used Empathy Statements

  • Asked Permission to Place Customer on Hold Before Doing So / NA

Transfers And / Or Escalations [ 2 points ]

  • Use only if a transfer has occurred because the caller requested the transfer or it is necessary to transfer as an escalation.

  • Did the Agent Obtain Permission to Transfer the Customer if the Agent Initiated the Need for a Transfer? [N/A]

  • Did the Agent Identify the Department, Team Member's Name and Title for the Customer? [N/A]

Issue Resolution Ownership : Assessing the Support Professional's Ability to Resolve the Caller's Issue, Concern, and/or Problem

Support Professional's Ownership of the Issue and Resolution [ 50 points ]

  • Listening, Customer Reassurance, Making the Problem Their Own, Providing Choices, Resolution (if appropriate) and Follow-Up

  • Took Ownership and Assured the Customer of the Willingness to Help

  • Asked Probing and/or Clarifying Questions to Fully Understand the Customer's Call Reason

  • Provided Accurate Solution and Information to Resolve the Customer's Call Reason

  • Provided Articles and/or Additional Resources Related to the Caller's Concern

Knowledge Base and Resource Ownership : Assessing the Support Professional's Ability to Utilize and Navigate the Ease Platform and Internal Resources

Agent Demonstrates Functional Knowledge and Confidence with Navigation of the Ease Platform; They Are Able to Successfully Verbally Guide the Customer Through the Solution Step-By-Step With Assurance. [ 10 points ]

  • This is where the Support Professional shows their abilities of the Platform and Resource Knowledge and Usuage

  • Demonstrated Functional Knowledge of the Ease Platform

  • Agent Demonstrated Confidence With Navigating the Ease Platform and Is Able to Verbally Guide the Customer Step-By-Step With Assurance

Last Impressions : Assessing the Support Professional's Ability to Pivot the Conversation and End the Call Favorably with a Fond Farewell

The Support Professional Pivots the Conversation With a Wrap-Up and a Fond Farewell [ 6 points ]

  • This portion of the interaction and customer experience aids in first call resolution assurance. There are times however, where immediate resolution doesn't fit and providing a follow-up expectation may be needed to end with a warm and sincere closing.

  • Repeated the Call Reason and Solution To the Customer

  • Asked If Additional Assistance Needed and, if Needed, a Follow-Up Expectation

  • Closed the Call with A Statement of Gratitude

  • Fond Farewell Containing A Value Statement and Tagline

Zendesk Usage : Assessing the Support Professional's Ability to Correctly Use Zendesk for Call Interaction and Documentation

Correct Usage of Zendesk [ 5 points }

  • Support Professional Captured Clear, Concise, & Accurate Information in the Ticket Including All Required Components

  • Adjusted Subject Line

  • Created Detailed Notes to Ensure Understanding of the Caller's Request and Resolution / Next Steps

  • Used the Appropriate Solve Reason

  • Used the Correct Root Cause

Observations ~ Feedback ~ Recommendation

Providing Intentional, Actionable, and Valuable Information for Both the Agent and The Team Lead

  • Observations

  • Feedback

  • Recommendations

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