Explosives License and Location Inspection

Is a copy of the explosives license displayed at the storage location? AFMAN 91-201, para. 11.6.

Has the license been coordinated through Munitions Accountable System Officer (MASO), the local Security forces Resource Protection office and the Base Fire Protection agency? AFMAN 91-201, para.

Are procedures in place to ensure the fire department is notified when explosive hazards change? AFMAN 91-201, para 10.7.4.

Are appropriate fire and chemical symbols posted on exterior and interior entrances to small rooms licensed for storing AE? AFMAN 91- 201, para

Are fire extinguishers readily available as specified on the license by the Base Fire Chief? AFMAN 91-201, para

Is the structure or room used for storage locked to prevent pilferage and unauthorized handling? AFMAN 91-201, para. 11.4.1.

Are items stored and segregated to provide accountability and separation between serviceable and unserviceable items? AFMAN 91- 201, para. 7.43.7.

Is dunnage provided when required by civil engineering, logistics or bioenvironmental directives? AFMAN 91-201, para. 11.4.3.

Is the AF Form 2047 reviewed annually for continued requirements and applicability? AFMAN 91-201, para. 11.8.3.

Is housekeeping in compliance with the proper storage of munitions items? AFMAN 91-201, para. 7.7, and 7.37.

Are fire and chemical symbols posted on the exterior of buildings containing licensed storage locations? AFMAN 91-201 para, 6.7.3.

Are backings for fire symbol decals the shape of the decal and made from non-combustible material? AFMAN 91-201 para. 10.5.

Are appropriate fire and chemical symbols posted on lockers or containers licensed for storing AE? AFMAN 91-201 para.

Are unserviceable explosive components or items turned in to base munitions storage area as quickly as possible to preclude build-up of unserviceable NEWQD? AFMAN 91-201 para. 11.3.5.

Are POV, GOV and AGE parking areas located at minimum of 100 feet from a licensed location? (Note: Temporary parking of GOV’s or AGE, other than those being loaded or unloaded, will not be closer than 25 feet. Local fire and safety officials may reduce these parking requirements) AFMAN 91-201 para.

Are locally-written instructions approved by the unit or squadron commander (or equivalent) for the explosives license involving AE stored in a licensed explosive storage location? AFMAN 91-201 para. 11.9.1.

Are personnel handling and grounding requirements met and included in written instructions if electro-explosives devices are stored at licensed locations? AFMAN 91-201 para. 11.9.1.


Report Routing

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