Procedure: Place wand on top of a package and run through machine. Repeat for each wand. Test the product package used for verification. If any tests fail, Corrective Action must be taken and a Corrective & Preventive Action Report completed. A corrective action report must be filled out if the metal detection procedure indicates there is metal in a product. If the metal detector detects metal, but the product passes through without any incident a 2nd or 3rd time by being put through at a different angle, a corrective action report does not have to be completed, in this incidence document "False Read" in the "N/A" Section of the "Corrective Action Required" question. If 2 units in one lot show indications of metal contamination that lot shall be put on hold. If 3 or more units in a day show indications of metal contamination the day's production shall be put on hold

Product information

Reason for Check (i.e. product start, metal detected, end of day, etc.) see codes below

Product Code

What Metal Detector Program was used?

Ferrous Test Piece Used

Non-ferrous Test Piece Used

Stainless Steel Test Piece Used

Product package used for verification tested?

Corrective Action Required



Assessor's Name & Signature
Management Review

Were there any Corrective Actions Required?

Please List Associated Corrective Action Report(s)

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