Audit 1

Conforming Audit Process Audit Card

  • LINE: S550 STATION: F1-20-10 AUDIT TYPE: Key Process / Characteristic OPERATION DESCRIPTION: PS Track Load

Key Process Characteristics:

  • 1.Build label Scan 2.PS Track Scan 3.Inboard Recliner cover Install

Audit Procedure

Question 1

  • Is the SWI present?

  • Date

  • Visible and Readable?

  • Current and Accurate?

  • Is the area clean and free of debris?

Question 2

  • Watch and scan the 5 jobs when the operator finishes the job. Please hit the check before continuing.

  • BSN 1

  • BSN 2

  • BSN 3

  • BSN 4

  • BSN 5

  • Are the components parts easily accessible?

  • Does the operator follow each line of the SWI?

Question 3

  • Is there any Quality Alert(s)

  • Present?

  • Being Followed?

  • Quality Alert Number

  • Expired?

  • Select date

Question 4

  • Is there any Visual Aids?

  • Are they controlled? (sign and Dated)

  • Please Sign here

  • Select date

Question 5

  • Was Poke Yoke Performed?

  • Select date

Question 6

  • Verify - is Nonconforming material

  • Stored in proper location?

  • Disposition tags filled out properly?

Question 7

  • Verify - is operator trained on this job?

  • Operator Name

  • Operator Competency Level?

Question 8

  • PMs complete (for previous week)?

Question 9

  • Are Stickers on torque equipment present and legible?

  • Torque ID

  • Calibration Date

  • Any additional torques?

  • Torque iD

  • Calibration Date

  • Torque ID

  • Calibration Date

Question 10

  • Is the Hot Spot sign present?

Question 11

  • Is the FMVSS sign present

Question 12

  • Does the Control Plan meet process control requirements for the station?

Question 13

  • Does the PFMEA meet process requirements for the station?

Question 14

  • Verify - Cardboard bins do not have other trash.

Result Page

After Completed The Aduit

  • Was this a Non Conforming Audit or a Conforming Audit

  • What are the Non-Conformance(s) found?

  • Immediate Response(s)

  • Any Errors in the Torques?

  • Enter the Torque Specs:

Once Finished

  • Add signature

  • Enter Today Date and Time Completed

  • What Shift?

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