This checklist is completed monthly by the Facilities Manager. Tick either 'YES' or 'NO' on each area.
Actions required should be detailed in the Actions required section, and entered onto Fix.

Before the inspection, print off a Fix report on floor-walk submitted items from the location.

1) Discussions

1A) Speak to the manager. Are they happy with the condition of the facilities?

1B) Speak to the facilities champion. Are they having any facilities related issues?

2) Floor-walk checks

2A) Is there a completed floor-walk checklist in place for each area for the last month?

2B) Pick a sample of items marked as 'YES' on the latest floor-walk check list. Check the items yourself. Was the correct marking given to the items? - if no take note and monitor the facilities champions' ability.

2C) Check the latest completed floor-walk checklist. Compare to the fix report. Have all items marked as 'NO' on the floor walks been inputted and resolved?

3) Equipment checks - for tenanted properties only

3A) Are there any inventory items missing?

3B) Is there any equipment missing?

4) Building maintenance checks

4A) Is the building manual in place?

4B) Check fix ticket items not inspected following completion. Has the work been completed satisfactory?

5) Specified Areas

Please check that the items for the specified areas are in good working order:
Lights: All bulbs and switches should be working, no exposed wiring
Decor: No cracks / chips in paintwork, no mould, no discolouration
Windows: Should open and close with ease, window restrictors should be in place
Flooring: No loose or frayed edges, should all be secure, should have no stains, should not be smelling
Fittings: Should be secure with no damage or discolouration
External areas: Secure and adequate bin storage, no damage visible, no overgrown plant life

5.1) Hallways / landings - are the items below in good working order?

5.1A) Lights?

5.1B) Decor?

5.1C) Windows?

5.1D) Flooring?

5.1E) Fittings?

5.1F) Any other?

5.2) Communal lounge

5.2A) Lights?

5.2B) Decor?

5.2C) Windows?

5.2D) Flooring?

5.2E) Fittings?

5.2F) Any other?

5.3) Communal Dining Room

5.3A) Lights?

5.3B) Decor?

5.3C) Windows?

5.3D) Flooring?

5.3E) Fittings?

5.3F) Any other?

5.4) Communal Kitchen

5.4A) Any other?

5.4B) Lights?

5.4C) Decor?

5.4D) Windows?

5.4E) Flooring?

5.4F) Fittings?

5.5) Office

5.5A) Lights?

5.5B) Decor?

5.5C) Windows?

5.5D) Flooring?

5.5E) Fittings?

5.5F) Any other?

5.6) Communal Bathroom / Wet room / Toilets

5.6A) Lights?

5.6B) Decor?

5.6C) Windows?

5.6D) Flooring?

5.6E) Fittings?

5.6F) Any other?

5.7) Communal Bathroom / Wet room / Toilets 2

5.7A) Lights?

5.7B) Decor?

5.7C) Windows?

5.7D) Flooring?

5.7E) Fittings?

5.7F) Any other?

5.8) Communal Bathroom / Wet room / Toilets 3

5.8B) Decor?

5.8C) Windows?

5.8D) Flooring?

5.8E) Fittings?

5.8F) Any other?

5.8A) Lights?

5.9) Staff Toilets

5.9A) Lights?

5.9B) Decor?

5.9C) Windows?

5.9D) Flooring?

5.9E) Fittings?

5.9F) Any other?

5.10) Bedroom 1

5.10A) Lights?

5.10B) Decor?

5.10C) Windows?

5.10D) Flooring?

5.10E) Fittings?

5.10F) Any other?

5.11) Bedroom 2

5.11A) Lights?

5.11B) Decor?

5.11C) Windows?

5.11D) Flooring?

5.11E) Fittings?

5.11F) Any other?

5.12) Bedroom 3

5.12A) Lights?

5.12B) Decor?

5.12C) Windows?

5.12D) Flooring?

5.12E) Fittings?

5.12F) Any other?

5.13) Bedroom 4

5.13A) Lights?

5.13B) Decor?

5.13C) Windows?

5.13D) Flooring?

5.13E) Fittings?

5.13F) Any other?

5.14) Bedroom 5

5.14A) Lights?

5.14B) Decor?

5.14C) Windows?

5.14D) Flooring?

5.14E) Fittings?

5.14F) Any other?

5.15) Bedroom 6

5.15A) Lights?

5.15B) Decor?

5.15C) Windows?

5.15D) Flooring?

5.15E) Fittings?

5.15F) Any other?

5.16) Bedroom 7

5.16A) Lights?

5.16B) Decor?

5.16C) Windows?

5.16D) Flooring?

5.16E) Fittings?

5.16F) Any other?

5.17) Bedroom 8

5.17A) Lights?

5.17B) Decor?

5.17C) Windows?

5.17D) Flooring?

5.17E) Fittings?

5.17F) Any other?

5.18) Bedroom 9

5.18A) Lights?

5.18B) Decor?

5.18C) Windows?

5.18D) Flooring?

5.18E) Fittings?

5.18F) Any other?

5.19) Sensory Room

5.19A) Lights?

5.19B) Decor?

5.19C) Windows?

5.19D) Flooring?

5.19E) Fittings?

5.19F) Any other?

5.20) Laundry Room

5.20A) Lights?

5.20B) Decor?

5.20C) Windows?

5.20D) Flooring?

5.20E) Fittings?

5.20F) Any other?

5.21) Lift

5.21A) Lights?

5.21B) Decor?

5.21C) Windows?

5.21D) Flooring?

5.21E) Fittings?

5.21F) Any other?

6) External Areas

6A) Smoking area

6B) Shed

6C) External structure

6D) Any other?

6E) Bin area

6F) Lighting

6G) Fencing / gates

6H) Plant life

6I) Car park

Actions Required - detail any action required from the checks completed. Include the item number, area and action required.

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Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.