• Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Company Contact

  • Contractor Name

  • Trade/Business Type

  • Invoice Number

  • Invoice DM5 Ref #

  • Work Request/Project Number

1. Work Carried out

  • 1.1 Brief Description of Work

2. Charges.

  • 2.1 RoPS Hourly Rate as per RoPS Schedule Contract 2428

  • 2.2 RoPS Hourly Overtime Rate as per RoPS Schedule Contract 2428

  • 2.3 Charged Hourly Rate as per contractor invoice

  • 2.4 Charged Hourly Overtime Rate as per contractor invoice

  • 2.5 Material Cost

  • 2.6 Callout Service Charge

3. Comment

  • 3.1 Comment.

4. Summary

  • 4.1 Has the invoice been charged as per the amounts stated in the RoPS Contract 2428?

Sign of

  • In my professional opinion all costs and charges for audited works are just and fair as per RoPS Contract 2428

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