• Custodian's Name (Last, First)

  • School Site

  • Building and Room Number

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by


  • Is assigned closet clean and organized?

  • Approved chemicals stocked and NO unapproved chemicals stored?

  • Vacuum bag is empty and vacuum condition is clean and working?

  • Cart equipment correct and organized?

  • Cart cloths and mops are in proper order and volume for assigned route?


  • High = Ledges and Vents are clean and dust free?

  • Low = Base and Corners are clean and dust free?

  • Vertical = Walls and Blinds are clean and dust free?

  • Horizontal Surfaces are clean and dust free?

  • Phone has been wiped and clean?


  • Vacuuming of carpeted area?

  • Spot Cleaning of carpets has been completed as needed?

  • Edges and corners are clean?


  • Windows are clean and finger print free?

  • Doors and frames are clean?

  • Hand and fingerprints have been removed from the walls?

  • Splash marks have removed?


  • Type or area being inspected.

  • Has the hard floor been swept clean?

  • Are the edges and corners clean and free of debris?

  • Are the threshold clean and free of debris?

  • Has the floor been moped?

  • Have the scuff marks been removed?


  • Are the sinks and pipes clean?

  • Are the toilets, urinals and hardware clean?

  • Are the counter tops clean

  • Are the walls and stall partitions clean?

  • Are the mirrors clean and streak free?

  • Is the hand soap and paper products supply sufficiently stocked?


  • Is the trash container clean?

  • Is the recycle container clean?

  • How is the placement of the containers?

  • Has the trash and recycling been removed?


  • Are the cabinets tops and drawers faces are clean?

  • Are the marker board trays clean?

  • Are the sinks clean?

  • Is the exterior of any appliances clean?

  • Are the door handles and surface clean?


  • Are the tracks clean and free of debris?

  • Are the steps clean?

  • Are the rails and ledges clean?

  • Is the ceiling clean?

  • Is the bright metal clean and streak free?


  • Are the top surfaces clean?

  • Are the side surfaces clean?

  • Are the legs clean?

  • Are cabinets clean?

  • Are the chair fronts clean?

  • Are the chair legs clean?

  • Are the chair backs clean?


  • Additional Comments:

  • Inspector

  • Custodian

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