• Audit Title

  • Area/Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • List all persons involved in the inspection

Previous Project Inspection

  • Has the last safety site inspection been reviewed in preparation for this inspection?

  • Are there any outstanding corrective actions to be taken?

General Conditions

  • Fencers and gates in good condition must be safe and secure?

  • Buildings overall condition are neat, safe and clean?

  • Traffic control maintained? (Signs, speed-bumps and lines/markings)

  • Parking areas are neat, clean and safe?

  • Scooter parking are well marked, safe and neat?( Area free of sand, oil and water )

  • Disabled parking bays available and marked?

  • General observation of Roofs and gutters are neat, secure and clean. (From ground level)

  • Gas, water and electrical main shut off valves are neat clean and secure?


  • Treads, grid paper and landings acceptable?

  • Handrails installed on all stairs?

  • Light in walkways and stairways acceptable?(Day and night)


  • All grass areas are short, neat and safe?

  • Trees are not overgrown and doesn't have low hanging branches must be neat secure and safe?

  • All smoking areas on pavements are clean and safe?(Bud holder available and clean)

  • Gazebo and picnic areas neat secure and safe?

  • Water tank water clean tank secure, leak free and safe to use?


  • Recycle and rubbish bins provided, clean and in good condition?

  • Skip bins are clean, fit for purpose, stored out of the way, signed and safe to use?


  • Sheds are clean, neat, well organised and free from spiders?

Fire Prevention and Emergency.

  • Mobile fire extinguisher and first aid kit in place for general conditions and on site hot works? (As required)

  • Fire control equipment like fire hydrants and out side extinguishers are maintained and ready to use.

  • Use of approved fuel/gasoline containers?

  • Evacuation sites are signed, clean, accessible and ready to be used?

Gas storage

  • All gas bottles are safe secure and in proper storage area?

  • Bulk gas storage area are locked?

  • Bulk gas storage tank maintained/serviced and safe to use with no leaks?

  • Bulk storage tank area are free from leaves and combustible material area must be clean?

  • Gas storage signs no smoking, flammable gasses and appropriate class displayed?


  • Outside electrical power points have front covers are safe and ready to be used.

  • All overhead power lines are safe and clear.

  • Mobile RCD available and tested?

  • Outside air conditioner units are free of leaves and water, they must be secure and quiet?

  • All extension cords 3 wire type, industrial rated and in good condition?

Plant and Equipment ( Forklift, mower, etc)

  • Seatbelts used in all mobile equipment?

  • All vehicles are maintained, clean and safe to use?

  • ROPS in good condition?

  • Slings, chains and ropes are inspected certified and safe to use?

  • Daily inspections performed?(Pre-starts, etc)

  • Operators trained and own a valid license?

  • Material stacked, racked neat secure and safe?


  • Hard hats available in expiration date and ready to be used?

  • Safety glasses available well maintained and ready to be used?

  • Gloves are available well maintained and ready to be used? (Chemical, leather, and general)

  • All staff wear Proper footwear?

  • Hearing protection available well maintained and ready to be used?

  • Respiratory protection available well maintained and ready to be used? ( Class 1 and 2)


  • Specific OSH training needs have been discussed with all employees?

  • First aid kits available and maintained?

  • MSDS sheets available?

Fall Protection

  • Ladders used are in good condition? (Free from cracks and has all 4 rubber footings)

  • Guardrails installed and maintained in good condition?

  • Personal fall arrest equipment in good condition?

  • Roof tie off points certified within the last 12 months

  • Fall protection equipment inspected?


  • Scaffolds erected under supervision of a competent person?

  • Scaffold grade lumber used and planks have proper overlap?

  • Guys, ties and braces in place at 4:1 rule?

  • Guardrail system in place?

  • Access laddesrs in place?

  • Cross bracing in place?

  • Scaffold inspections completed each shift?

Other Observations

  • Other Hazards (If not applicable please select N/A)

  • Other Hazards (If not applicable please select N/A)

  • Other Hazards (If not applicable please select N/A)

  • Other Hazards (If not applicable please select N/A)

Send a completed copy to your Manager and the OSH Coordinator.

  • Name and Surname

  • Completed Date.

  • Overall safety condition of the campus. ( 1 bad - 10 excellent )

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