Corridors & Floors

  • Are corridors floors & passageways kept clear and tidy?

  • Are office floors clear of mess, especially around doorways?

  • Are all ceiling access trap doors and ceiling panels securely shut?

Office Area

  • Is the office clear of clutter e.g. No boxes and other objects across floor?

  • Are all lights working correctly without flickering?

  • Are all walkways clear of electrical or telephone, data cords?

  • Any double adapters in room?

  • Is area under desk free clear of cables and power boxes?

  • Has all electrical equipment current electrical tags?

  • Has person in room had ergonomics training?

  • Are all chairs in good condition with all functions working correctly?

File storage area

  • Are rows of filing cabinets at least 600 mm apart?

  • Are the rows/rooms clear of any clutter, e.g. Boxes and other objects

  • Are the storage racks/cabinets stable and secure viz bolted to wall, fixed top and bottom.

  • Check any electrical equipment in room for current tags

  • Are all lights working in room with no flickering tubes?

Teaching space

  • Is the area clean and hygenic

  • Is the area free of clutter?

  • Are all lights working without flickering?

  • Is all electrical equipment with in its tagged limits

  • Power plug packs are they tagged and not overloaded?

  • Are there any double adapters in the space?

  • Are all chairs in good condition?

Exit and exit markings

  • Are all external exits marked with exit signs above the exit?

  • Are all exit routes clear of obstruction?

Evacuation Procedures

  • Is there a copy of the site plan displayed within the area? (On safety notice board)

  • Is a copy of the site Emergency EvacuationProcedure available (on wall by main door)

Fire Emergency Equipment

  • Are all extinguishers in place?

  • Are all extinguisher locations clearly marked on wall?

  • Are extinguishers clear of obstructions and easy to reach?

  • Are hose reels clearly marked?

  • Are hose reels and extinguishers current in inspection?

  • Are hose reels free from obstruction and correctly stored?

First Aid Facilities

  • Is there easy access to First Aid kits?

  • Are First Aiders listed on H&S safety boards?

  • Is nearest White Cross contacts on H&S notice board?

  • Is First Aid kit recently inspected and full?

  • Is procedure regarding serious harm injuries clearly displayed on H&S notice board?

  • Are emergency contact details clearly displayed on H&S notice board?


  • Is staff cafeteria clean and tidy?

  • Is the fridge clean?

  • Are there sufficient cups?

  • Are toilets kept cleaned?

  • Is there ample soap and hand towels?

  • Are drinking fountains well maintained?

  • When was water filter last changed?

Grounds and Facilities

  • Are external areas free of rubbish?

  • Are the recycle bins clearly labelled?

  • Is there sufficient lighting for security of staff and students?

  • Are all lights working with no blown bulbs?


  • Are staff in the area given opportunity to communicate safety concerns?

  • Do staff in the area know who their Health & Safety rep is?

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