Hazard Check

  • Staff facilities (e.g. Toilets kitchens) clean & maintained

  • All furniture and fittings maintained and appropriate to use

  • Stairs/steps non-slip and hand rails(where required) are in good condition

  • Safe and unobstructed access and egress

  • Electrical leads have current test tag

  • Electrical wires and cables appropriately secured, not presenting as trip/entanglement hazard

  • Electrical plugs, switches and wiring stable and not frayed

  • Are multi boards over loaded (more than one item in each socket

  • All cabinets and tall furniture attached to wall

  • Any evidence of ladders (of any size) in use

  • Stacking and storage of stationery and equipment is stable, most frequent used items readily accessible

  • Lighting adequate in all areas and all lights working

  • Any food storage areas clean and hygienic fridge leaned weekly

  • Hot water boiling units have WARNING signage posted

  • Check Health and Safety notice board is current with fire warden and first Aiders contact details available

  • Paper and other combustible material are not stored in work areas


  • Randomly ask if employees are trained in how to safely use and adjust their workstation

  • Randomly ask employees who are using keyboards, if they take micro pauses and have regular brakes or task variation

  • Check all new employees have been safety inducted and the information recorded to their staff records

  • Do staff know where to find ergonomic set up video

Emergency Systems

  • Randomly ask if employees are familiar with relevant emergency response procedures

  • Emergency exits clearly marked and unobstructed

  • Evacuation assembly points known by all staff

  • All emergency doors are in working order and are clear of any obstructions

  • Evacuation procedures on display

  • Wardens appointed and trained

  • At least one trained first Aiders on the floor at time of inspection

  • First Aid kits fully stocked, accessible and identified by storage

  • Staff know name of their first aider

  • Staff know location of nearest defibrillator

  • Check to see if power level light on defibrillator is on

  • Check the pads are not expired

  • Fire extinguishers were serviced in last 12 months

  • Fire wardens all have clean hi-viz jackets

  • All staff know where to find after hours security number

  • Check contents is current on health and safety noticeboard

  • Check new employees have had safety induction

  • Check H&S reps, warden, first Aiders photos are on display

Review of Unitec Hazard ID

  • Is the Hazard register on display the most current version

  • Randomly ask staff to identify at least one hazard

  • Is the hazard register designed for the area it is in

  • Randomly ask if employees know where to find the Hazard Register for their area


  • Do staff in the area know who their health and safety representative is?

  • Do staff in area receive feedback from the Unitec health and safety representative meeting

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