1. Work Environment

  • 1.1 Room Temperature (too hot/cold)

  • 1.2 Adequate airflow (not stuffy)

  • 1.3 Are all area clutter free

  • 1.4 Randomly ask staff what the top 3 risks, hazards are in the building?

2. Lighting - General

  • 2.1 All lights working and covers clean

  • 2.2 Emergency lighting (natural/artificial)

3. Emergency

  • 3.1 All exits signed and working

  • 3.2 Has an emergency evacuation drill been completed in last 6 months

  • 3.3 First Aid Kits clearly marked and regularly checked

  • 3.4 Randomly ask if employees are aware of emergency response procedure?

  • 3.5 Randomly ask staff if they know who there first Aiders are

4. Doors

  • 4.1 Doors operate without excessive force

  • 4.2 Fire doors not propped open or blocked (Open outwards)

  • 4.3 Emergency exits clearly marked

5. Stairways

  • 5.1Adequate illumination

  • 5.2 Handrails fitted

  • 5.3 Stairway landings clear of obstructions

6. Storage Areas

  • 6.1 Floor - non slip surface and free of objects

  • 6.2 All tall shelving units and cabinets fixed securely

  • 6.3 All stepladders in good condition and suitable for job

  • 6.4 Are there Safety Data Sheets available for any cleaning chemicals etc. ?

7. Kitchens

  • 7.1 Water filter changed and within current dates

  • 7.2 Fridge clean and tidy

  • 7.3 Clean and hygenic

  • 7.4 Waste disposal bins

  • 7.5 Hot water boiling units have WARNING signage posted

8. Toilets/Washrooms

  • 8.1 Area clean and tidy

  • 8.2 Lighting adequate

  • 8.3 Suitable hand washing and drying facilities

  • 9.4 Is there a sign in/out process around contractors

9. Security of building

  • 9.1 is CCTV bringing recorded?

  • 9.2 Are signs on walls warning of CCTV presence

  • 9.3 Staff identification badges being used

  • 9.4 Do staff know the after hours number for security?

10. Fire Equipment/Evacuation

  • 10.1 Fire extinguishers not obstructed

  • 10.3 Inspection tags - current

  • 10.4 Fire hoses easily accessible

  • 10.5 Emergency alarm switch, visible and protected

  • 10.6 Evacuation posters in good condition, clearly displayed

  • 10.7 Randomly ask staff if they know who the building warden is

11. Office Machines

  • 11.1 Securely placed (not able to fall)

  • 11.2 No sharp edges

12. Power Outlets, cords and boards

  • 12.1 No double adapters

  • 12.2 Cords covered if across walkways (trip hazard)

  • 12.3 Computer cords kept neatly bundled

  • 12.4 Electrical equipment (extension cords, leads, outlets) in current test dates

13. Desks

  • 13.1 Ergonomic assessment carried out for staff

  • 13.2 Drawers closed (trip hazard)

  • 13.3 Have you viewed the ergonomic set up on "THE NEST"

15. Mindlab Safety Board

  • 15.1 First Aid personnel pictures and names

  • 15.2 First Aid/Emergency contact list including nearest A & E

  • 15.3 Fire warden list

  • 15.4 Injury reporting info

  • 15.6 Randomly ask staff if they understand how to report an incident or near miss.

  • 15.6 Is the Hazard register clearly displayed?

  • 15.7 Randomly ask if employees know where to find hazard register?

  • 15.8 Randomly ask staff if they have the AED app on there phone?

16. Environment

  • 16.1 Adequate provisions for recycling of materials i.e. paper

  • 16.2 Are there sufficient rubbish bins in all areas?

17. Manual Handling

  • 17.1 Has manual handling courses been undertaken?

  • 17.2 Mechanical aids in good condition and available i.e. trolleys

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