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  • Is there an exit checklist to ensure building is secure when unoccupied?

  • Are all exterior windows in good working order and lockable?

  • Is there a visitor reporting instruction clearly posted at entrance ways?

  • Is there a main contact number posted on the outside of the entrance for emergency access?


  • Is there an emergency evacuation plan posted denoting emergency routes?

  • Are there fire extinguishers located at the exit points and in fire risk areas?

  • Are fire extinguisher proper type and regularly inspected?

  • Are emergency responders contact numbers clearly posted for occupants (fire, police)?


  • Are all emergency and exterior lighting in good working order?

  • Electrical panels equipped with required covers and properly marked?

  • Do electrical panels have proper clearance in accordance with safety standards?

  • Do coffee pots have the required automatic shut off feature?

  • Is computer and electronic equipment properly protected from electrical surges?

  • Ground fault interrupters being used around all water sources (restrooms, kitchens)?


  • Are carpet areas in good condition and free of trip hazards due to torn or worn areas?

  • Are shop floors properly marked for walkways?

  • Are floors free of trip hazards and in good condition?

  • Are exterior doors in good working order and lockable?

  • Are interior doors in good condition, shut properly?

  • Are overhead doors in good working order and properly maintained?


  • Work Areas are kept in a neat and professional appearance?

  • Material storage areas are well organized and properly marked?

  • Scrap waste and replaced parts are disposed of in proper containers?

  • Passageways and walkways are clear of debris, material and parts?

  • Stationary Equipment is kept clean, free of debris, dust and scrap?


  • Gas cylinders stored upright?

  • Proper separating distances between fuels & oxygen?

  • Goggles or shields used?

  • Fire extinguishers readily available?

  • Hoses in good condition and regulators off when not in use?


  • Hard hats used when required?

  • Safety glasses or shield being worn when appropriate?

  • Respirators used when required? Proper respirator documentation available?

  • Hearing protection being worn when required?


  • Are proper safety guards attached and used when operating equipment?

  • Is equipment maintained in a professional, clean manner?

  • Does equipment have a PM tag denoting maintenance upkeep?

  • Are operating instruction posted and legible?


  • QCAM

  • Safety Manager

  • General manager

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