Office Work Areas

  • Are exits clearly marked?

  • Are emergency lights operational?

  • Are emergency exit routes posted?

  • Are designated smoking areas clearly marked?

  • Are office machine cords kept off floor to prevent tripping?

First-Aid Stations

  • Are first aid kits available and adequately stocked?

  • Are emergency eye wash bottles readily accessible to employees?

  • If applicable, are emergency showers available for employees working with liquid hazardous chemicals?

Lockout Tagout Stations

  • Have LOTO procedures been developed?

  • Are LOTO stations readily available for authorized employees?

Fire Prevention & Protection

  • Are fire extinguishers free of obstructions?

  • Are fire extinguishers/alarms inspected annually?

  • Are fire exits free of obstructions?

  • Are cigarette containers specifically designed for cigarette butts?

  • Are flammable and combustible chemicals stored in fire proof containers and clearly marked with proper signage?

Emergency Evacuation Plans

  • Are emergency exits posted?

  • Are emergency telephone numbers posted in employee break areas?

  • Has a muster area been established?

Shop Area

  • Are waste receptacles emptied regularly?

  • Are aisles and walkways clear of trip hazards?

  • Are floors clear of oil and grease?

  • Are extension cords in good, serviceable condition?

  • Are power tools equipped with GFCI?

  • Is there a 3’ access clearance to all electrical panels?

  • Do electrical panels have open slots or missing panel covers?

  • Are work areas equipped with adequate illumination?

  • Are ladders in safe operational conditions?

Hazard Communications Program

  • Are chemical containers properly labeled with chemical name and hazard level?

  • Are SDS readily available to all employees?

  • Is a current chemical inventory maintained within a SDS binder?

Welding and Cutting Area

  • Are goggles and face shields readily available to employees?

  • Are compressed gas cylinders securely stored upright?

  • Are oxygen cylinders stored 20 feet from combustible material?

  • Are oxygen and acetylene gas cylinders stored with protection caps and separated with a 30 minute burn wall or 20 feet apart?

  • Are compressed gas cylinders clearly marked?

  • Are “no smoking” signs posted in the cylinder storage area?

  • Are hand-held grinders equipped with protection guards?

  • Are bench grinders equipped with protection shields?

Environmental Assurance

  • Are all workplace areas clean and litter free?

  • Are waste disposals being conducted in an environmentally sound manner?

  • If applicable, are used oil containers properly labeled?

  • Are wash rack areas for tools and equipment designed so as to ensure that waste water does not drain into public drains, canals, or waterways?

  • Are aerosol cans being disposed of properly?


  • Are employees utilizing adequate PPE based on workplace exposures?

  • Are respirators stored to protect the them from contamination?

  • Is proper signage in place for required PPE areas?

Slings and Rigging Equipment

  • Are slings equipped with a legible identification tag?

  • Are all slings and rigging equipment tagged with working load limit?

  • Are all rigging hooks equipped with a working safety latch?

  • Are rigging chains labeled as being grade 8’ or 10’?

  • Are good and bad slings being stored separately?

Building Exterior

  • Is storm water maintained as to not cause issues for municipal authorities?

  • Are exterior lights operational?

  • Is security in place to control access on the facility during and after hours?


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