Interior Maintenance Building

  • Are all lighting working properly?

  • Is the shop clean and free of obstructions?

  • Is shop floor clean of grease/oils and spills?

  • Are all Safety signs in place and can be easily read?

  • Is the first aid station filled?

  • Fire extinguishers checked regularly?

  • Are all exit and emergency signs in place and working?

  • Is eyewash station full?

  • Is the eyewash station easily accessible?

  • Is the eyewash station clean?

  • Is extra parts storage clean and easily accessible?

  • Is parts cleaning sink clean and working correctly?

  • Is the ventilation system clean and working properly?

  • Does pit have adequate lighting?

  • Are pit nets being used properly?

  • Are all GFCI’s checked routinely and working correctly?

  • Do all grinders have guards in place and working properly?

  • Are shop cranes being inspect d BI-annually?

  • Are all extension cords checked and inspected for rips, tears, and frays?

Fuel Station

  • Are fuel stations clean and checked for any malfunctions?

  • Is fuel station signage properly placed and readable?

Exterior Maintenance Building

  • Exterior landscaping neat and tidy?

  • Does designated smoking area have proper container for butts?

  • Exterior lighting working properly?

  • Exterior storage stacked approximately and properly secured?

  • Chloride station clean and safe?

  • Are tires stacked neatly and secured?

  • Are tires being rotated timely?


  • Is HAZMAT and HAZWASTE in spill proof container?

  • Are all cylinders stored correctly?

  • Are all hazardous materials properly labeled?

  • Are all SDS binders up to date?

  • Is HAZMAT storage area clean?

Office Building(s)

  • Are exit signs working properly?

  • Fire extinguishers annual inspection up to date? Needle in the green?

  • Fire extinguisher signage posted and can be easily seen?

  • lights working properly?

Miscellaneous Concerns/Issues

  • Additional Information

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